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    Meet Dr. Karishma Mehta Ahmedabad based Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who shares her Professional Journey on the eve of Doctors’ Day


    In celebration of Doctors’ Day 2022, we are highlighting the inspiring stories of doctors’ from different fields. They are creating a meaningful impact in the medical field. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire all. So guys, read on:

    Here’s the Experts of Interview with the Ahmedabad based Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr. Karishma Mehta:

    1: Could you introduce yourself for our readers.

    A. Hello everyone. I am Dr. Karishma Mehta Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Ahmedabad. I deal with High Risk Pregnancies , Reproductive Health Management and Menopause related issues.

    2: When and How did you get in to Medical Field.

    A. I am into this field since 12years. I had faired very poor in my 10th boards and that really inspired me to work hard in 12th and reach my goal.

    3: What inspires you to choose this field and where does your inspiration come from?

    A. My father always wanted to become a doctor…. But he couldn’t. So I tried and fulfilled his dream.

    4: What types of Difficulties and Challenges have you faced during your journey .

    A. Definitely it was a rocky road with many sleepless nights and skipped meals …. But the joy of bringing new life surpasses all this.

    5: Which elements of your job Do you most Enjoy.

    A. The joy of conceiving in a couple. That first cry of the baby. That smile on the parents face.

    6: What is your experience as a Doctor? How many cases/achievements in your portfolios.

    A. With experience of more than a decade, would have done approx 5000 child births.

    7: What advice would you give to someone at any point in their (Medical) career.

    A. It is a long journey with many sacrifices….. So only if you are passionate about this about field go ahead.

    8: If you were not in this medical field what would do you think you would do professionally instead.

    A. Aah… Difficult question…. I guess would be some paramedical field only!

    9: How do you Balance your professional life and personal life?

    A. Our is a very demanding branch and emergencies arise any time so it is actually not possible to balance both. But yes whenever possible definitely spend quality time with family.

    10: What is your message on Doctors Day?

    A. Stop violence against doctors. Doctors are also humans and not god. No doctor will ever wish bad for any of his patients.

    11: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.

    A. Dr Karishma Mehta
    Ohm Hospital, 41/A Karmachari Nagar – 1, Opp Alkapuri Society, Bhuyundev, Ghatlodia Road, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad -61.
    For appointments – 9913701598
    Facebook and Instagram page
    Please follow for many women health tips.

    12: As a Dr. what you learnt from Covid 19 Pandemic and Do you think India has enough Health Infrastructure?

    A. India has managed the pandemic far better with all the resources that we had.
    It just made me realise that duty comes first and family second



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