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Meet Dr. Neha Godghate Nagpur based Orthopadic Surgeon who shares her Professional Journey on the eve of Doctors’ Day

Meet Dr. Neha Godghate Nagpur based Orthopadic Surgeon who shares her Professional Journey on the eve of Doctors’ Day

In celebration of Doctors’ Day 2022 we are highlighting the inspiring stories of Doctors’ from different fields. They are creating meaningful impact in Medical Field. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire to all. So guys read on:

Here’s the Experts of Interview with the Nagpur based Orthopadic surgeon, Dr. Neha Godghate :

1: Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

A. I am Dr Neha Godghate, Orthopadic surgeon specialised in Arthroscopy (key hole) surgery and sports medicine. Currently, I am the medical director of Grace Orthocare Hospital, practicing at Nagpur.

2: When and how did you get in to Medical Field.

A. Both my parents are doctors, so I have observed doctors life very closely.( I have always witnessed this Nobel profession very closely). I remember during my 11th standard during one of our trips to Mumbai, my father took me to KEM hospital to show around. I was so inspired by its magnificent architecture and it’s legacy of doctors, that I decided I would strive hard to get admission into this college.

3: What inspires you to choose this field and where does your inspiration come from?

A. During my undergraduation in KEM Hospital, Mumbai, I was motivated by a female orthopaedic teacher. Though she was a thin built lady, her work fascinated me. It made me realise that orthopaedics is not all about muscle power. Watching her work asserted my feelings for orthopaedics.

4: What types of Difficulties and Challenges have you faced during your journey?

A. Before joining orthopaedics, I was completely aware that orthopaedics was a male dominated field and there were spars female ortho in India and I would be the first to join my alma mater. If I have chosen this path, I have to surpass all the hurdles. Every resident undergoes a lot of hardships during his or her residency. Mine were no different except few extra were added being the only girl resident in the history of 25 years of their recruitment. Due to this, I had anticipated that behaviour of my colleagues and teachers would be different. During my initial days,  one of our teachers always used to tease my co-residents saying “Isse accha toh Neha kar legi(Even Neha would do this procedure better than you)” that felt like I was the lowest point of his measure of the work skills. But at our farewell, these same consultants praised me saying that I was beyond their expectations.

5: Which elements of your job do you most Enjoy.   

A. The fact that seeing the patients back on their feet after treatment is very satisfying. Orthopaedic is such a field that you can give so many gratifying results not only with surgery but also with medicines and physiotherapy.

6: What is your experience as a Doctor? How many cases / achievements in your portfolios.

A. After my Postgraduation from Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics.and rehabilitation, I went to the UK for MCh Super-Speciality. Experience in the UK was quite postive. I was bestowed upon the prestigious “Ian Kelly Scientific Award” at my graduation in UK. After which I returned back to India and now, I am into private practice since 10 years.

7: What advice would you give to someone at any point in their (Medical) career?

A. Never give up. Remember “tortoise” in slow and steady. At any point of time, if you feel why I am here, recollect with how much passion you started your journey”

8: If you were not in this medical field what would do you think you would do professionally instead.

A. I have never thought of a second option ever.

9: How do you Balance your professional life and personal life?

A. Balancing professional and personal life for a woman have always been like walking on a thin wire. However, your family support and your passion for your work helps to sail through the difficulties. Managing twins was a mammoth task for me during their first 2 years, so that time they were my priority. Once they became independent,( which they became very fast) , I could concentrate on my work as well.

10: What is your message on Doctors Day?

A. Doctors are an essential and integral part of community. Several doctors are willing to sacrifice their lives for the well being of society. This has been clearly evident during Covid 19 pandemic. The trust by people helps build up our morale and encourages us doctors to serve better. Being dedicated to our society, doctors need your love,support and encouragement.

11: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.

A. I work full time at Grace Orthocare and multi-speciality Hospital.

Contact: 94227 05660


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