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Meet Dr. Santosh Chouhan Jaipur based Orthopedic Physiotherapist who shares her Professional Journey on the eve of Doctors’ Day

Meet Dr. Santosh Chouhan Jaipur based Orthopedic Physiotherapist who shares her Professional Journey on the eve of Doctors’ Day

In celebration of Doctors’ Day 2022, we are highlighting the inspiring stories of doctors’ from different fields. They are creating a meaningful impact in the medical field. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire all. So guys, read on:

Here’s the Experts of Interview with the Jaipur based Orthopedic Physiotherapist, Dr. Santosh Chouhan:

1: Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

A. Dr. Santosh Chouhan is accomplished orthopedic physiotherapist who specialised in joint pain, arthritis, spine pain, knee elbow, shoulder pain. Paralysis & CP patients, sport injuries, ligament injury, whole joint pain, physiotherapy is also treating obesity. She has been trained from excellence in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Udaipur from SMU University & NIM University. She is working in corporate hospital in Jaipur HOD of physiotherapy. I am treating most complex cases of joint stiffness, pain and Paralysis after surgery cases. Her special interest is interacting joint pain and stiffness/paralysis sport injuries. I am interested in enjoying short vacations with family. I works upon patients strength and advisory treatment that most suited as per patients health condition, physique, activity lecture and affordability. My mother is the supporting pillar for me and she is my bestfriend more than a mother. My father was always the roll model for me and he inspires me alot.

2: When and how did you get in to Medical Field.

A. I have completed my MPT orthopedic in 2012 from NIMS university. I was topper in my batch. I have also completed my PG diploma in yoga from MISU university government and I have also completed my masters in hospital management course with dual specialization in HR and MHA from NIM (Karnataka) and I also have done diploma in health and nutrition education.

3: What inspires you to choose this field and where does your inspiration come from?

A. Ability to contribute to make a healthy society inspires me to be doctor.

4: What types of Difficulties and Challenges have you faced during your journey?

A. To set in to the medical field was extremely difficult in view of competition and numbers of candidates competition exam. It’s difficult job which on an average a work for 18 to 20 hours a day.

5: Which elements of your job do you most Enjoy.                                               

A. Being able to mobilize the bed ridden patient and to see smile on the face of my patient after they start walking again after the surgery I enjoy that feeling most.

6: What is your experience as a Doctor? How many cases / achievements in your portfolios.

A. Experience 15 year in this field of orthopedic physiotherapy. I have treated around 4000 patients in late 15 years.

7: What advice would you give to someone at any point in their (Medical) career?

A. Patients are not a game their human lives are very precious so treat every patient the way you actually treat your mother or child.

8: If you were not in this medical field what would do you think you would do professionally instead.

A. Alternate professional career – Yogatherapist Or Nutritionist.

Another childhood dream of mine was to become a Miss India, and my dream comes true, I’m the winner of forever Mrs. India Rajasthan Jaipur 2021.

9: How do you Balance your professional life and personal life?

A. I don’t work on Sunday’s I spend my whole personal life on that one day and on some short occasional vacations with my husband.

10: What is your message on Doctors Day?

A. Healthy pain free and stress free life is everyone right.

11: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.

A. Clinic – Jeevan Jyoti Physiotherapy Yoga & Aahar Clinic
168-A, Patrakar Colony, Mansarover, Jaipur, 302020
Email – drsantoshchouhan02@gmail.com
Phone – +91 79768 25322

12: As a Dr what you learnt from Covid 19 Pandemic and do you think India has enough Health Infrastructure?

A. Infrastructure in still lacking in most part of India, most of rural areas and cities are still lacking behind in health care doctor to patient ratio is still less.


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