Meet Mr. Sameer Shenoy & Mr. Rakesh Thakur Founder and Owner of OTT Channel “Buzzflixc”

Meet Mr. Sameer Shenoy & Mr. Rakesh Thakur Founder and Owner of OTT Channel “Buzzflixc”


A young dynamic team who are in Films and Entertainment have built up a New OTT channel “Buzzflix”

Startup Name : “Buzzflix”

Founder : Mr. Sameer Shenoy & Mr. Rakesh Thakur

Famous As : Entrepreneur 

Brand Category : Entertainment

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Founder /Owner, Mr. Sameer Shenoy & Mr. Rakesh Thakur, envision tremendous potential in Indian Cinema to rule the world of entertainment. Day by day consumers are demanding more and if you are not able to provide their needs, they automatically switch to other channels. “BUZZFLIX” will fulfill that vacuum in the world of entertainment.

Chief Executive Officer and Business Head Mr. Pravarsen Yesambare told us “BUZZFLIX” is making such a content wherein family and individuals can sit anywhere and enjoy films, web series and much more. Popularity and demand in youth has led to increase the viewership of digital platforms… we are here not to compete with others, we are here to give the audience a wide variety of prime and classic content.

Our team
Mr. Ankit Magare – Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Jameel Khan – Content Head
Mr. Amrish Bhatt – Content Head
Mr. Sandip Tikkas – Creative Head have said, today people are active in multiple digital devices and screens. Fact is that a majority of consumers browse on a second device while watching TV.

“BUZZFLIX” is looking for young writers, creatives and directors on board, who have new ideas on content which is currently in demand. We are here like an under current and will focus on the needs of the consumer. Many OTT channels have following international plot but in the process are missing India regional real plot. We are trying to bring such creative and thoughtful content to our channel.

In the end it’s all about the number game! We are here to serve and entertain the world.


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