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Meet Mumbai based 10 Sindhi Entrepreneurs whose Professional and Startup Stories will inspire you on Cheti Chand 2022

Meet Mumbai based 10 Sindhi Entrepreneurs whose Professional and Startup Stories will inspire you on Cheti Chand 2022

The festival of Cheti Chand is celebrated with fairs, feasts and processions of icons of Jhulelal and other Hindu deities. It is also celebrated by the Sindhi dispora around the world. This year Cheti Chand falls on 2 April that also marks the celebration of Gudi Padva by the Maharashtrians and Kannadigas.

Notably, Cheti Chand festival marks the arrival of Spring and harvest and the start of Hindu New Year for Sindhi Hindus. It is seen as an auspicious day for business as it also marks the start of the new financial year.

However, it also marks the birthday of Julelal the Key Deity of Sindhi’s.
Julelal is also revered by Sufi Muslims, who associate him with Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a Sufi saint.

On the eve of Cheti Chand we got some Inspiring stories of these 10 Mumbai based Sindhi Entrepreneurs and Professionals who will tell us their Professional and Startup Journey so far, will definitely inspire all, Read all.

Bharat Ajwani, Famous As Business Entrepreneur :

Mr. Bharat Ajwani is popular face in Sindhi Community. He is Business Entrepreneur as well as Social Entrepreneur. He is very helping and supportive by nature. Sindhi Chamber of Commerce founded under the leadership of President Bharat Ajwani aims to unite and encourage networking among growth oriented Sindhis. The mission of SCC is to contribute to the Sindhi community through training, networking and business development.

The Chamber organises several knowledge and training programs for enrichment of its members, conducts MSME events to facilitate business development, has regular member events for networking among its members and organises Fellowship Events for forging oneness among members of the Sindhi community.

In a nutshell, Bharat is a multi potentialite who strives to reach his goals by aligning it to the greater good of the society and strongly believes in growing symbiotically.

His Message :

Wish you all a very Happy Cheti Chand and New Year. Let us all come together and Celebrate.

Sangeeta Babani, Famous As Social Entrepreneur and Artist :

Sangeeta grew up in the south-east coast of Spain where she completed her formative and higher education. She has meticulously meshed both cultures of India and Spain in her paintings. She has exhibited her paintings at the prestigious and iconic Jehangir Gallery in Mumbai in addition to countless groups exhibitions and 12 solo exhibitions in India and abroad.

She paints sky-scrapers, cars, happy people, nudity amidst a backdrop of the hustle and bustle of the busy city life what might be an ‘architectural abstraction’ with themes that touch on a quest to delve into the confusion of the individual with themselves and the relationship with the chaotic urban centres and mega-cities. Many times we encounter her figures acquiescing to the power of the populated mosaic of the metropolis.

She loves expressing her creativity on cars too and her work on metal is as reflective of her influences as that on canvas.

She is very well known for her vibrant palette and has brought a unique dimension to Art by being amongst the first to use Cars as her canvas

she was the first Artist selected by Tata Motors to transform the Nano into an iconic work of Art in 2012. Since then Babani has gone to work with BMW’s, Jeep and Mercedes Benz.

She also showcased her versatility by taking Art outside the traditional gallery space, in 2016, she showcased an 18 feet Installation called The Lost Art at Palladium.

The accomplished Artist was awarded for her Contemporary work in Paris (France) in 2017.

Her Message :

The name ‘Jhulelal’ became famous because as a child (lal), the cradle (jhule) of Uderolal would swing on its own. Jhulelal was a man of miracles, through his miracles he opened the eyes of the oppressor and provided justice to Sindhi’s. To honour our deity, we Sindhi’s celebrate this day as Cheti Chand
Businessmen take the day to start new account books. We keep our shops and activities closed on this day and gather at Jhulelal Temple, where after a session of singing devotional songs, we worship Jhulelal.
The Cheti Chand festival marks the start of Hindu New Year for Sindhi Hindus.

Deepak H. Daryanani, Famous As Business Entrepreneur :

Over the years Sindhi’s have become synonymous to business and not just in India but globally. There is definitely more to the Sindhi community as far as business is concerned. Infact Sindhi’s are shrewd businessmen. They have carved out for themselves as the most successful Business Entrepreneurs. They know the pulse of the trade they venture into. Infact Sindhi’s run charitable institutions universally.

One such Sindhi ambitious and dedicated business-minded Entrepreneur is Deepak H. Daryanani. Born and bred in Kolkata, he worked for a short while in the Dutch Caribbean and has been an exporter in Mumbai since 1998. His father, Late Mr. Hiranand Sitaldas Daryanani was in his 20s at the time of partition. He had been through it all prior to setting foot in Kolkata and making his home in the Bengal Capital.

He had proudly been engaged in multiple jobs in Africa and England. Deepak’s mother Lata H Daryanani was born in Mumbai and moved to Kolkata after marriage.

His parents owned two retails outlets in Kolkata and he started his career from there. Believing in ‘Earn while studying” he started working while he was doing his graduation from St. Xaviers’ College. Since college hours were from 6am to 9.40am and he used to open his store at 10 am.
Deepak expresses his gratitude to his brother in law, Naresh Shivnani, who was settled in Curacao. He got an opportunity to go there in 1997, and worked there for almost a year before returning to start an export firm in Mumbai in partnership with a distant relative.

He tied the knot with Heena Ajwani (now Mrs. Vidhi Daryanani) in July 2000.
It was in 2003, that his partnership fell through and he had to carry on. It was probably the toughest time in his life, because he had no capital and Vidhi was pregnant with with their first daughter then.
With the blessings of elders in the family, God and support of people who worked with him then (and are still with him), they managed to wade through troubled waters and establish themselves. Today they have 2 daughters, Dia (17) and Jia (14) and they continue to live a content life in Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, Mumbai.

Sindhi’s have been the epitome of strength and courage and tremendous will power. On this Cheti Chand, Deepak would like to convey to his peers and younger Sindhi generation to make an effort to learn the language and about our Sindhi culture, as it is on the verge of becoming extinct if we don’t act now.

His message :

Wishing All Sindhi’s Happy Cheti Chand- JAI JHULELAL

Neha Changwani, Famous As Interior Designer :

Neha Changwani always knew she wanted to pursue interiors, even before she completed her schooling. Inspired by her dad who was an autodidact, and pursued interior design as a hobby. She earned her degree from Rachana Sansad School of Interior design, Mumbai. 

A glimpse at her extensive portfolio, one can gauge at her artistic approach to design. Her experience and diverse knowledge of aesthetics, techniques and concepts, led to the establishment of INC Design Studio in 2011.

Today, INC Design Studio can proudly proclaim that we have to our credit more than 80 projects that we have completed successfully to the clients satisfaction. To each project we have lent, a distinct style and individuality and have the expertise to precisely capture the mindset of the client and transform to reality what they have envisioned.

From the posh by lanes of Bandra to Cuffe Parade, from the bustling markets of Kalbadevi, to the high rise residentials in Lower Parel, we have covered various locations in the city, and now expanding beyond Mumbai.

We have created, through our versatile designing, unique brand identities for IT start ups, fashion brands, restaurants and cafes. Apart from these our niche is executing luxurious and comfortable residences.

Supported by a team of experts, we endeavor to transform more spaces from the ordinary mundane into abodes that have their own unique identity.

Love being a part of SCC Mumbai, where I meet like minded people who I can exchange ideas with from the Sindhi community. 

Interior Design services we offer:

  • Turnkey Contracting
  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Design Consultancy
  • Product Sourcing
  • Quick Makeover for Rental
  • Modular Kitchen & Wardrobes
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Styling
  • Ikea Design Service

Her Message :

Wish you all a very Happy Cheti Chand and New Year. Love Sindhi Culture and promote Sindhi Tradition Globally.

Mohit Jeswani, Famous As Social Entrepreneur :

Introducing Mohit Jeswani, Mulund based Rotaract Club Member and an Actor, Public Speaker, a Youth Trainer, as well as a host apart a student at Anupam Kher Acting Academy.

He got associated with Rotaract Club in 2015 as a member, then in 2017 went onto became the youngest President. He was introduced in Rotaract Club by one of his tuition teacher.

Mohit was a backbencher in school and college and it was the Rotaract Club that helped him to extent to change . He started doing Social work like organising blood donation camps , diabetes checkup camps. Whenever the world faced crisis he and his team went all out to help the poor and needy people towards their betterment in the society.

Mohit Jeswani was involved in the Kerala crisis which occurred in 2018. He and his team collected 6,000 kgs of reliefs materials from all over Mumbai and dispatched them to Rotaract Clubs in Kerala and the other organizations over there.

The significant Challenging part of his life was when he was 142 kgs in weight. One fine day something struck him, and from that day he decided to cut down his weight and lost 45 kgs.

Notably, Mohit Jeswani’s best Quote reads as ” The day you start walking you will come to visualise the road ahead; you just need to continue walking, and no sooner you will start running.”

His Message :

His address to the Sindhi Youths was “All the Sindhi youths should start speaking Sindhi language and should generate some awareness of lost culture, In every walk of life, be it entrepreneurship, political, Bollywood, social work, Sindhi’s always lead. But somehow we are showing negligence to our own culture and tradition. Hence, should start speaking Sindhi, and put in more practice. On initial basis we should start attending Cheti Chand Programmes.

Sangeeta Kalwani, Famous As Business Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness :

Sangeeta Kalwani started her career as an IT professional with NIIT, diversified to international trade and client servicing through her sole proprietorship venture, Stigan Solutions. Stigan Solutions was engaged in supplying special alloy products like drawers, oven trays etc. to reputed airlines in India as well as the Middle East. 

The realisation that good health is crucial to every achievement made Sangeeta transform into a nutrition entrepreneur. She along with Arati Shah, co-founded Café Nutrition in 2014. 

Café Nutrition is a nutrition counselling company which offers weight loss nutrition, clinical nutrition, and child nutrition programs. The focus of the founders has been holistic nutrition with health, immunity and fitness being paramount. At Café Nutrition, clients are advised to eat balanced meals with no deprivation or fad diets. The principal thought is – The better you eat, the better you feel and eating well doesn’t mean you have to forgo all your favourite treats and comfort foods. The simplicity of diet plans has ensured a success ratio of more than 97% for their nutrition programs.

Over a span of 7 years, Café Nutrition has added more verticals such as Corporate Wellness, School Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. Their corporate clients include Edelweiss, Religare, Ola, IBM, General Mills, Swiggy, Xiaomi, United, GIC and many more. Children and parents in many top schools of Mumbai benefit from nutrition counselling by Café Nutrition experts. Young athletes from sports academies across Mumbai are enrolled into the Sports nutrition program at Café Nutrition for peak performance. 

Sangeeta believes that optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow and she strives to make Café Nutrition the company of choice for nutrition programs and personal wellness. 

  1. Receiving the SCC Women Achiever Award 
  2. Dietician Training for Pan India Projects
  3. Company of the Year for Corporate Wellness by Silicon India

Her Message :

Wish you all a very Happy Cheti Chand and New Year. The Cheti Chand festival is very important for us because it marks the start of Hindu New Year for us.

Dr. Manish Motwani, Famous As Doctor :

Know Dr. Manish Motwani, a Board-certified Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon. Since 2003, he has been performing successful bariatric surgery procedures.

After gaining expertise in advanced Laparoscopy, he completed Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery training from specialized training centers from across the globe in Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery like:
Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery from Singapore; Diploma in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery from Brugge- Brussels; Diploma in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Lyon – France; Fellowship in Advanced and Revisional Bariatric Surgery from Brugge, Brussels; Fellowship in Bariatric Surgery (FALS – Bariatrics).

Check Your BMI Chart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRwbp24j2ec

Notably, he floated Aastha Health Care at Mumbai, a Speciality Laparoscopy Hospital for Men and Women in the Central suburbs of Mulund, Mumbai as Chairman and Managing Director and also Founded the speciality Bariatric Surgery clinic – Aastha Bariatrics. https://aasthabariatrics.com/safest-bariatric-surgery/

He feels proud of his wondrous professional journey so far. No doubt he has put in lot of struggle, in learning and earning in the form of blessings from lot of patients.

His Initial years of practice posed a little challenge in that as being the 1st surgeon from the family. There were times where you need to come out of your shell and prove yourself in a competing world.

As an Institution, Aastha Bariatrics also had its own struggle as population back then were unversed, or ignorant of the fact that Obesity is a disease and is mother of all diseases as it needs to be treated scientifically. So a lot of time and energy was getting utilized in making people understand that the money they are spending towards treating co-morbidities and other illness, will go in vain if the root-cause, that is, obesity is not treated with the right treatment at the right time for the right patient.

Now the scenario has totally changed. Patients need to get rid of Obesity as early as possible. The acceptance of Bariatric Surgery, as the safest and reliable treatment for the ones suffering from obesity and its associated co-morbidities, has grown manifold.

He is Grateful to one and all since he believes Aastha Bariatrics has earned a name to reckon with in the field of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is purely because of the hard work and participation of each team member who is passionate about driving away obesity from the face of the earth. Undoubtedly, Aastha Bariatrics is among the two centres in Mumbai and 10 centres in India to receive the coveted ‘Center of Excellence’ recognition by Obesity and Metabolic Surgical Society of India (OSSI). Aastha has also been honoured with certification from the International Excellence Federation for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (IEF), a prestigious membership awarded to selected few Bariatric Surgeons in India. Aastha Bariatrics has been ranked as the No 2 Bariatric Centre in Mumbai (surveyed by Times of India). Aastha Bariatrics has transformed the life’s of more than 9500 patients with successful Laparoscopic and Bariatric procedures in the last 2 decades.

As a proud Sindhi, he takes pride in the rich Sindhi culture and heritage. He has been involved as Secretary of Mulund Sindhi Sabha and also as Executive Committee Member since more than a decade. In the last seven years, he has successfully organised 4 Cheti Chand functions for entire Mumbai.

His Message :

Cheti Chand is a festival which marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year for the Sindhi Hindus. The Sindhi Community celebrates the festival of Cheti Chand to commemorate the birth anniversary of Ishtadeva Uderolal, who is popularly called as Jhulelal, the patron saint of Sindhi’s.
This day is considered highly auspicious and is celebrated with much fanfare. The water which is the elixir of life is worshipped on this day.

So lets cluster together to enjoy the Sindhi New Year with all the warmth, fervour and emotion and create bonding within the Sindhi Community.

Ms. Mamta Rajani, Famous As Business Entrepreneur :

Dal Pakwaan House’ is an exclusive Sindhi cuisine home kitchen started my Ms. Mamta Rajani on 21st June 2020 with her interest and deep passion of Sindhi culinary.

This is a new venture and her primary goal is to take Sindhi cuisine to every Indian house hold, she has started this venture with the view of serving safe, hygienic, Soulful home cooked  Sindhi cuisine to all her patrons across Mumbai.

Her signature dishes include DAL PAKWAN, Sindhi curry chawal with Aloo tuk, saibhaji with koki and many more and ofcource not to forget  her divine deserts like the fresh walnut sheera, matka phirni and makta rabadi.

DAL PAKWAN HOUSE is  always looking for new ways to improvise, The home cooked eating experience and bringing Luxury Sindhi cusine to your house

They  have a whole range of starters, main course, deserts and mithais 

They also cater to party orders and do wedding catering for all your house functions like the Mehndi Ceremony, Roka ceremony, Engagement and Mata ka chowki and lots more. 

They curate special menus for your house parties with some exotic and soulful party starters as per your taste and budget.

Her Message :

Wish you a very Happy Cheti Chand and New Year. Enjoy and Celebrate with full spirit.

Manoj Jhangiani, Famous As Business Entrepreneur :

Most of the Sindhi Community are staunch business minded and believe in being a boss of their own. Be it any business in which Sindhi’s are into they are successful. They know the nitty gritty of business. And there are some who believe in working with Corporate Companies, IT Companies and hold high posts and earn handsome salary.

One such Sindhi Manoj Santu Jhangiani is a multitasking person. After completing his MBA from Pune, he worked for a Professional Organisation as a Marketing Communication professional for more than 30 years. With the call of Entrepreneurship he now runs a Polyclinic – Anushka Polyclinic ( Anushka is his daughter) and an Activity Center Gurukul. Manoj also makes short films and is now venturing into making content for OTT Platforms. Sindhi’s with talent in field of Cinema may connect with Manoj.

Manoj is also a Membership Director in Rotary Club since 2016 and was Past President of Rotary Club of Lakeshore. He has successfully organised number of social camps like Eye and Skin donation camp, and has as well donated computers to Civic Body BMC run schools.

He is a 3rd Generation Disciple of Sadhu Vaswani, he believes in Service before Self.

Manoj’s clarion message to all the Sindhi youths is that all Sindhi’s must possess a photo of Jhulelal in their house and parents must speak in Sindhi with their children from birth.
Manoj lives in Powai with his wife Niharika and daughter Anushka. Niharika is a Art Graduate from Sir JJ School of Arts and runs a preschool and Anushka has just graduated and topped in college in her Media Studies. Anushka has her own Design Studio Friday Buzz and is an entrepreneur in the field of Communications.

His Message :

Manoj & his family Wishes all Sindhi’s Happy Cheti Chand which is celebrated with fervor in 2 April.

Dada Shyam. Jai Jhulelal

Chander Purswani, Famous As Business Entrepreneur :

Know Chander Purswani, Managing Director, Connect Star Network Private
Limited. He has completed B.E in Computer Technology. Engineer by qualifications.

He is armed with IT Infrastructure Solutions- experience of 34 years. As a Dynamic Entrepreneur he has Worked with various IT giants for 18 years in various positions – Apcom Computers Pvt Ltd for 6 years as Area Sales Manager , With Patni Computers Ltd as Country Head for 8 years, Multinational Company, Allied Telesysn as Country Head for 3 years .

After gaining substantial experience, he finally decided to venture on to his own brand.
As an Young Entrepreneur, he started his own company in 2004 with a vision to connect with the world and emerge as a shining star and thus saw the birth of his own brand , Connect Star Networks Pvt Ltd . The Company offers IT services right from laying a cable to setting up the server, entire office automation, CCTV/ Fire Alaram system and into operation since 2004.

He is an active Social worker at heart. A Representative in many societies as Chairman/ Secretary/ Managing Committee Member
He Joined Congress Party as Vice-President of Mumbai Trade & Commerce cell under the leadership of Smt Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi when Sanjay Nirupam was the President of Maharashtra in year 2019.
Amid the elections in 2019, he had campaigned along with him.

On the JVLR belt, he had gone individually door to door campaign for Sanjay Nirupam ji in almost all major societies and organised various meetings. He is also associated with Lions Club International , a 120 plus years NGO as Immediate Past President of Lions Club of Mumbai Royal Palms where lot of social activities are carried out since last three years . The Company also conducts blood donation, mask distribution , anaj dhaan, eye sight checking, cataract operations, dialysis free of cost to the under- privileged public.

For the last 30 months he has been fighting for the social cause of PMC Bank Crisis.
There were 9 lakh depositors & 16 lakh family members who got stuck due to a major scam by HDIL in PMC.
He had fought this battle right from day one till he got the resolution and helped in saving retail depositor’s money.
At that time around he had met various political and financial Ministers including current Maharastra CM Uddhav Thackeray Ji, former CM of Maharastra Devendra Fadnavis ji, Former PM Manmohan Singh ji , NCP President Sharad Pawar ji ,Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman ji, Minister of State Finance Bhagwat Karad ji, Shri Koshyari ji Governor of Maharastra, as well as all RBI officials from Chief General Manager, Executive Director, Deputy Governor etc.
He was appointed Vice President for Mumbai – North West Congress Committee in year 2021 under the leadership of Smt Sonia Gandhi ji, Shri Rahul Gandhi ji, Smt Priyanka Gandhi ji, Shri Nana Patole ji, Shri BhaiJagtap ji, Shri Charan Singh Chapra ji & Shri Sanjay Nirupam ji .
He had sent a proposal for setting up a Sindhi Cell for MRCC .
He is also associated with Vishwa Sindhi Seva Sangam as Chairperson for Mumbai Activities. It is his inclination to save Sindhi language and want all the youngsters to speak in Sindhi so that the Sindhi culture remains alive. During the partition Sindhi’s were the most affected people but they all had fought with their head high against all the difficulties faced by them. Today they are spread in each and every corner across the world and are recognised as successful businessmen .

Sindhi’s do lot of activities in Vishwa Sindhi Seva Sangam.

Chander is also associated with various trusts-Lal Sai Dham Charitable Trust and Shahenshah Amir Peer Rajaveer Charitable Trust .

He fervently believes in secularism where there should not be any communalism.

His Message :

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Jai Jhulelal Sai Ki
Wish you all a very Happy Chetichand & New Year . Let’s all come together

Chetichand Jiyu Lakh Lakh Wadhayu Sab Ni Ke.
Jai Jhulelal Sai Ki

Know about Sindhi Chamber of Commerce :

The Sindhi Chamber of Commerce founded under the leadership of President Bharat Ajwani aims to unite and encourage networking among growth oriented Sindhis. The mission of SCC is to contribute to the Sindhi community through training, networking and business development.

The Chamber organises several knowledge and training programs for enrichment of its members, conducts MSME events to facilitate business development, has regular member events for networking among its members and organises Fellowship Events for forging oneness among members of the Sindhi community.


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