Home National Meet Mumbai based 6 Muslim Entrepreneurs from different fields whose stories will Inspire you on Eid-Ul-Fitr

Meet Mumbai based 6 Muslim Entrepreneurs from different fields whose stories will Inspire you on Eid-Ul-Fitr

Meet Mumbai based 6 Muslim Entrepreneurs from different fields whose stories will Inspire you on Eid-Ul-Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr signifies breaking the dawn to dawn to dusk month long end of Ramadan or fasting by the Muslims all over the World. It is also an occasion for Special Prayers.

Eid-Ul-Fitr is a very vital festival in Islamic Calendar and Prophet Mohammed himself started it. It is also the celebration to refrain from all negative thoughts and actions. Eid-Ul-Fitr is celebrated at the sight of the crescent moon which is one night after the New Moon. For the last two years Muslims could not celebrate Eid in true spirits owing to outbreak of Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic. All celebrations and visit to Mosques were banned on precautionary measures.

As per Islam, it is believed that the Holy Quran, the Holy Book of Islam was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed during the month of Ramadan end of the Holy Month. Muslims all over the World are attired in new traditional clothes and visit Mosques and offer prayers. Rich food is prepared in all Muslim homes and the day is enjoyed with great pomp.

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims!!!

In celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr we are highlighting 6 outstanding inspiring stories of Muslim Entrepreneurs of different fields from Mumbai. They are creating meaningful impact in the world. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire to all. So guys read on :

Hello Mumbai News.com has also made an exclusive list of Mumbai based Muslim Entrepreneurs whose stories will definitely inspire all. Don’t miss reading. Read all.

Imran Mullah (AAP)

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Based: Mazgaon, South Mumbai

Present Position: Ward President, AAP Byculla Mazagaon, Ward 217

Political figures represent a party of a State. Some politicos are selfless leaders who are wholly dedicated to a party they represent.

One such dynamic politico is Imran Mullal. After his Graduation he embraced politics and joined the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) in October 2021. He is the Ward President, AAP Byculla Mazagaon, Ward 217.

Interestingly, he had no inclination for politics. But on seeing the immense work being done in health and education sector in Delhi by AAP he joined the party.

Imran is into Social activities besides being a part of an NGO since last 14-15 years.
During his tenure, he has undertaken a number of works like providing langars to people in need, Ration kits to poor, helped people in health and education, Indo-Arab Society, ensuring that roads in areas are completed and done with.

For Imran, he felt it was the right time for people to embrace politics and found that AAP is the best place for a person to be. He aptly believes that to venture into any field education is very important.

Ahead of Eid which falls on 3 May this year, he makes it known through an appeal to everyone that after pandemic whatever changes the world has faced let it be the same. Support AAP.

Aslam Merchant (AAP)

Famous As: Politian

Based: Madanpura area, Byculla

Present Position: Ward President Madanpura, Ward No. 211

What prompted you to embrace Politics?
Being a Social Worker and looking at the work being done by the AAP Government in Delhi induced me to enter into Politics.

When did you actually start your Political journey and joined AAP?
As AAP Party member, since 2014, couple of months back I was appointed as Ward President from Madanpura area, Byculla Assembly and will be contesting for the upcoming BMC Elections from the same Ward.

Over the years, AAP has proved itself as a good governance party and their fight for Anti –  Corruption, Education for all, their massive Improvement in Health Care in Delhi, Free & Cheaper Electricity for the people of Delhi all this inspired me to join the party officially and take the responsibility of my ward 211 Madanpura area.

What is your Post or Position?
Presently, I am Ward President of Madanpura area, Byculla Assembly.

Your Area of Operation?
Before officially shouldering the responsibilities as AAP Ward President, I have been running Citizen/Residents group namely (ACI-AREA CIVIC ISSUES) in Byculla area to address the citizens of the basic civic issues related to BMC & Corruption. I have a background of Social Service mainly in fighting for basic civic issues which citizens face in day to day life.

Please name some activities details done by you.
Over the past 3 years, I have been doing Tree Plantation Drives, Pre-Monsoon Cleanup Drives, Private Hospital over Billing Issues, Road Footpath Improvement work by asking the authorities to propose cement concrete roads & footpath & dry ration help to the needy.

How Important do you think it is for a Politician to be well-educated?
Education is a must for every Politician for better working of the post one holds, basic general knowledge about the functioning of different departments and rights of citizens.

What are the challenges that you faced when you joined politics?
No challenges as such, but would agree had to sacrifice to spend quality time with the family/personal life.

Why did you chose AAP party?
It is the ideology of Arvind Kejriwals statement which I saw online “Aam Aadmi Party ki jo kattar desh bhakti, Imaandaari & Insaniyat”, that I chose AAP.

What is the ultimate goal of your Political life?
Only one goal “bus sewa karni hai logo ki Imaandari sey, bohat corruption hai, har cheez mein corruption, mein dekh raha hoon har jagah bmc office jao health department mein birth certificate ke liye ghoos do, kuch bhi kaam karvana hoon ghoos deni padti hai. Education system is in a mess, basic sanitation is not there, Yeh sab system change karna hai”.

Your advice to the Upcoming youths in Politics.
To make a difference in the longer term, it is essential that young people are engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating todays & tomorrows politics.

Sajid Supariwala (Shivasena)

Famous As: Shivsena Leader

Based: South Mumbai

Present Position: Vice- President Transport Wings of Shiv Sena

Sajid Supariwala needs no introduction. As Vice- President Transport Wings of Shiv Sena, he has always been into social activities and firmly believed in clustering people and helping them. He found Politics the right platform for this.

Being unbiased and a dynamic leader, Sajid joined Shiv Sena since he liked the work style of the shaka pramukhs and their ground work.
He has done a lot of work like oraganising blood donation camps, distributing Ration Kits Free Medical camps, initiating Life Insurance for Taxiwalas, helping them towards medical and education fees for their children.
Amid Covid-19 induced lockdown, he has distributed Ration Kits among 25,000 families those in need.

According to him, in future too, it would always be his wish to help the minority people who are unable to earn.
He says “Education is very vital as it definately helps a lot in the long run. It helps to understand situation smartly.
His “motto” as a politician is to always be an helping hand to people to achieve success. He follows the mantra of 80% Samajkara (helping the people) and 20% Rajakaran (politics).

Notably his message to the upcoming youths in politics is they must keep doing good social work. Even as it requires a lot of hardwork, you keep on doing it and you will automatically get recognition, Start from your area by helping people, take baby steps and always believe in positive politics.

His Eid message is, “Humanity is very important. We can only work towards the progress of the state but as Mumbaikars we all must come together and work for a better tomorrow, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Rizwan Coatwala :

Famous As: Media Entrepreneur

Based: Mumbai

Present Position: Co-Founder, Feel It Ful Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Introducing Rizwan Coatwala. Born and brought up in Mumbai he belongs to a family who are into Old Cloth Dealers Business. However, It was his inclination to pursue education and to not to involve himself in family business. Hence, after his graduation from KPB Hinduja College he pursued Masters in Management with specialisation in Marketing stream. He started his career by working with Digital agencies and handled big brands like Eureka Forbes, Axis Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, Tata Asset management to name a few.

But it was his thirst to venture into something on his own. He launched Feel it Ful Foods Pvt. Ltd with old colleague in the field of Wellness Products finally in 2020 amid Covid lockdown phase.

The company’s products is available online and suitable and recommended for all people of all age groups.

Rehan Ahmed Qureshi:

Famous As: Social Entrepreneur

Founder: Wonder Kids Nursery School

Based: South Mumbai

Know Rehan, Founder of Wonder Kids Nursery School. After completing B.Com, M.Com, he also completed B.Ad and Entrance CA. Rehan was also a Junior College Professor in Rizvi College, Bandra, where students preferred and loved attending his lectures due to his approachable and cool teaching techniques.

Notably, Wonder Kids Nursery is in existence since 22 – 23 years. The school functions amid very clear methods, and while Rehan looks after the external affairs his wife looks after the internal affairs. Every year approximately, the husband-wife duo teach 500 students. Predominantly, the Students are prepared for better future. Over and above, besides students, they also train their parents for interviews. They firmly believe in activity-wise learning method i.e. Play and Learn. Apart above, they also organise trips for students.

Ahead of “Eid” Rehan’s message is, “Whereas Covid-19 induced lockdown stalled all festive celebrations, now, after 2 years we are celebrating Eid. So enjoy and celebrate the day with full fervor with your dear and near ones and spread love. Stay Safe.

Raiees Lashkaria

Famous As: Politian / Builder

Based: Andheri

Present Position: Executive Member of the MTCCC

Raiees Lashkaria, Mumbai born on 10-07-1970. He is an Indian politician, philanthropist, successful businessman and Marathi film producer of 5 successful Marathi Movies. He is currently the Executive Member of the Mumbai Trade and Commerce Cell Congress (MTCCC).

He started his political career in 2009. He has contested two assembly election from Andheri as a MNS candidate. He Works Place stretches to Mumbai, Mahad, Ratnagiri.
He is the proud son of Yasin Lashkaria Noor Banu Lashkaria. After schooling from Our lady of Remedy High School, he attained higher education from Royal college (Mira road), in science stream. At that time around, he was an extremely creative, and playful person, always ahead in sports too.

In the year 1992, he started his professional career as a sales person for a flooring factory.
Later on he dabbled into his own business in 1994 as a trader of Johnson tiles. In 1999 he was a contractor and then a successful developer in 2003.

Coming to his achievements, Raiees was an enthusiastic Badminton player and bagged the Badminton Championship Cup for KC College in 1990. He played CCL (celebrity cricket league) from 2012-2014 for Veer Marathi Team. He is a developer for SRA (Slum rehabilitation Authority) and has provided free homes to more than 5500 huntsmen. His footsteps have also left impression in the entertainment industry. He was the regional producer and has produced 5 Marathi films. He is also appointed as the president of MTCCC (Mumbai Trade and Commerce Cell Congress).

Raiees also forayed into an NGo namely Amann Foundation his small initiative for the weaker sections of the Indian society since 2007. The foundation has reached the weaker sections of the society and benefited them with their basic yet important necessities like food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, etc. Hailing from an humble background himself in his younger days, and having experienced what poverty feels like, Raiees Lashkaria takes constant hoops and steps to serve the society.

Under Amann Foundation banner, he also runs “Amann Junior College” and “Mumbai Urdu High School for slum children in Andheri, Mumbai. The Foundation bears the fee and hospital facilities for the needy. Therefore the main pillar of Amann Foundation is their humanitarian values and there firm belief of “You change the world by your example, not by your opinion”.


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