Meet Mumbai Based Deepak H. Daryanani Business Entrepreneur who shares his Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet Mumbai Based Deepak H. Daryanani Business Entrepreneur who shares his Entrepreneurial Journey

Over the years Sindhi’s have become synonymous to business and not just in India but globally. There is definitely more to the Sindhi community as far as business is concerned. Infact Sindhi’s are shrewd businessmen. They have carved out for themselves as the most successful Business Entrepreneurs. They know the pulse of the trade they venture into. Infact Sindhi’s run charitable institutions universally.

One such Sindhi ambitious and dedicated business-minded Entrepreneur is Deepak H. Daryanani. Born and bred in Kolkata, he worked for a short while in the Dutch Caribbean and has been an exporter in Mumbai since 1998. His father, Late Mr. Hiranand Sitaldas Daryanani was in his 20s at the time of partition. He had been through it all prior to setting foot in Kolkata and making his home in the Bengal Capital.

He had proudly been engaged in multiple jobs in Africa and England. Deepak’s mother Lata H Daryanani was born in Mumbai and moved to Kolkata after marriage.

His parents owned two retails outlets in Kolkata and he started his career from there. Believing in ‘Earn while studying” he started working while he was doing his graduation from St. Xaviers’ College. Since college hours were from 6am to 9.40am and he used to open his store at 10 am.
Deepak expresses his gratitude to his brother in law, Naresh Shivnani, who was settled in Curacao. He got an opportunity to go there in 1997, and worked there for almost a year before returning to start an export firm in Mumbai in partnership with a distant relative.

He tied the knot with Heena Ajwani (now Mrs. Vidhi Daryanani) in July 2000.
It was in 2003, that his partnership fell through and he had to carry on. It was probably the toughest time in his life, because he had no capital and Vidhi was pregnant with with their first daughter then.
With the blessings of elders in the family, God and support of people who worked with him then (and are still with him), they managed to wade through troubled waters and establish themselves. Today they have 2 daughters, Dia (17) and Jia (14) and they continue to live a content life in Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, Mumbai.

Sindhi’s have been the epitome of strength and courage and tremendous will power. On this Cheti Chand, Deepak would like to convey to his peers and younger Sindhi generation to make an effort to learn the language and about our Sindhi culture, as it is on the verge of becoming extinct if we don’t act now.


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