Meet Mumbai Based Dr. Manish Motwani Famous Doctor who shares his Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet Mumbai Based Dr. Manish Motwani Famous Doctor who shares his Entrepreneurial Journey

Know Dr. Manish Motwani, a Board-certified Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon. Since 2003, he has been performing successful bariatric surgery procedures.

After gaining expertise in advanced Laparoscopy, he completed Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery training from specialized training centers from across the globe in Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery like:
Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery from Singapore; Diploma in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery from Brugge- Brussels; Diploma in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Lyon – France; Fellowship in Advanced and Revisional Bariatric Surgery from Brugge, Brussels; Fellowship in Bariatric Surgery (FALS – Bariatrics).

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Notably, he floated Aastha Health Care at Mumbai, a Speciality Laparoscopy Hospital for Men and Women in the Central suburbs of Mulund, Mumbai as Chairman and Managing Director and also Founded the speciality Bariatric Surgery clinic – Aastha Bariatrics.

He feels proud of his wondrous professional journey so far. No doubt he has put in lot of struggle, in learning and earning in the form of blessings from lot of patients.

His Initial years of practice posed a little challenge in that as being the 1st surgeon from the family. There were times where you need to come out of your shell and prove yourself in a competing world.

As an Institution, Aastha Bariatrics also had its own struggle as population back then were unversed, or ignorant of the fact that Obesity is a disease and is mother of all diseases as it needs to be treated scientifically. So a lot of time and energy was getting utilized in making people understand that the money they are spending towards treating co-morbidities and other illness, will go in vain if the root-cause, that is, obesity is not treated with the right treatment at the right time for the right patient.

Now the scenario has totally changed. Patients need to get rid of Obesity as early as possible. The acceptance of Bariatric Surgery, as the safest and reliable treatment for the ones suffering from obesity and its associated co-morbidities, has grown manifold.

He is Grateful to one and all since he believes Aastha Bariatrics has earned a name to reckon with in the field of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is purely because of the hard work and participation of each team member who is passionate about driving away obesity from the face of the earth. Undoubtedly, Aastha Bariatrics is among the two centres in Mumbai and 10 centres in India to receive the coveted ‘Center of Excellence’ recognition by Obesity and Metabolic Surgical Society of India (OSSI). Aastha has also been honoured with certification from the International Excellence Federation for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (IEF), a prestigious membership awarded to selected few Bariatric Surgeons in India. Aastha Bariatrics has been ranked as the No 2 Bariatric Centre in Mumbai (surveyed by Times of India). Aastha Bariatrics has transformed the life’s of more than 9500 patients with successful Laparoscopic and Bariatric procedures in the last 2 decades.

As a proud Sindhi, he takes pride in the rich Sindhi culture and heritage. He has been involved as Secretary of Mulund Sindhi Sabha and also as Executive Committee Member since more than a decade. In the last seven years, he has successfully organised 4 Cheti Chand functions for entire Mumbai.


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