Meet Nigeria based Prince Emmanuel Bassey Joe Media Entrepreneur and founder of Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageantry

Meet Nigeria based Prince Emmanuel Bassey Joe Media Entrepreneur and founder of Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageantry

Prince Emmanuel Bassey Joe is Founder of Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageantry, Hello Mumbai News took the opportunity to catch him up on phone for an exclusive interview.  Excerpts of the interview.


Firstly, my name is Prince Emmanuel Bassey Joe, a Royal blood from Nigeria. A graduate of University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Studying Environmental Protection and Recourses Management (EPM) – Department of Geography and Regional Planning in 2005. I am a software programmer too, and sport man. I love nature, reading, writing and music like never before.

I am the founder of Twins Friends Club of Nigeria (NGO), Founder Ekallywood Streaming Television,  Founder Ekallywood Record Label, Ekallywood Film Industry, Founder House of Pageant Reality TV Show, Founder Pop us show, Founder Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageant Organization, and Propose Digital Modeling and Fashion University – Spearheaded by Amb. Smily Mukta in partnership.

Also, Emmanuel Joe fondly called Titowise (aka) Millennium Teacher is a media entrepreneur, Pageant CEO, radio/TV Host, Actor, Gospel Artist, also founded the following radio and TV programs: Youth and Leadership development air on JMP Bliss online Radio, Tourism and Hospitality Express on Raypower 95.1 Fm, Ibadan, Nigeria, Realty Boom Africa, and Talent World Show on Ejekarigpo radio TV oluyole Extension, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Etc.

I also do more when it comes to the talent development and management, a Fashion designer, model grooming, and mentoring, a tourist and adventurer. A writer of the Perfect Way to Save the Child to be a good Citizen, Love Fruits and Healing Baskets, and lot more articles. So, to mention a few…

Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageantry, 2022 is a yearly beauty and empowerment contest geared towards the promotion of real estate, fashion industry, entertainment, and other related industries in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. It is also a program merge with beauty contest, entertainment, media packaging, networking, business grooming and presentation, so as to spotlight the new set of models and others to become global influencers, and brand ambassadors which would help them in becoming self-employed, self-alliance, and global citizens.

It is also a means of mobilizing the young people into the real estate industry, content creation, and exposing them to the business opportunities, and investment that is abound in the real estate, and digital world; and as well as exposing them further to the technological advancement in the real estate business module, fashion research, and implementation.

This is to say that, the Mr. and Miss real estate Africa beauty pageantry would be paving ways for its participants in launching them into real estate research for future sustainability while educating them, and the general public on how to bring their home ownership dream to reality, becoming their own landlords and landladies, as well as becoming financially empowered.

More so, Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa pageant is also coming with a strategies and concept to introduce to the real estate developers, investment brokers and agencies, consultants, agents, marketers and networkers a millennium opportunities of real estate blockchain, tokenization, decentralize finance (DEFI), non-fungible token systems, and platforms in which they can leverage on while moving toward future real estate business sustainability.

The concept/titles of Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa beauty pageant is as follows:

Face of Real Estate Global (complimentary title)

Face of Real Estate International (Complementary title intl)

Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa (Main Title)

Face of Real Estate Nigeria (Complementary title)

Face of Real Estate India

Face of Real Estate Mumbai

Face of Real Estate Indonesia

Face of Real Estate USA

Face of Real Estate Dubai

Face of Real Estate China

Face of Real Estate London

Face of Real Estate Canada

Face of Real Estate South Africa

Face of Real Estate Kenya

Face of real estate Lagos state

Face of real estate Oyo state

Face of real estate Ogun state

Face of real estate FCT Abuja

Face of Real estate Rivers State

Face of real estate Delta state

Face of real estate Akwa Ibom state

Face of real estate Enugu state

Face of real estate Imo state

Face of real estate Anambra state

Face of real estate Cross River state Etc.

With this concept, it means that a total of fifteen (15) and more winners would emerge from this show. With two contestants (male/female categories) emerging to be the Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa crowned winners, and another two contestants (male/female categories) becoming Mr. and Miss Real Estate Nigeria which makes the main forefront winners of the pageantry, and other international complimentary titles. While the remaining positions serving as the faces to represent real estate businesses in the different states and countries listed out above.

Through this concept we are able to see that the Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa pageantry would differ from many other beauty contests ever existed in that it is given room for many winners to emerge at a time, and thereby serving as a forum to create a formidable force of real estate influencers and brand ambassadors all over Africa and the world.

Certainly, It would also be pertinent to note that the concept of real estate Africa pageantry, 2022, and across to other years is one that would enable more collaboration amongst real estate companies in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, in that, the influencers and brand ambassadors emerging from this pageantry in collaboration with the initiative team would be continuously working closely to make sure that the sponsors and partners’ products, and services are promoted collectively to achieve a common goal of massive sales and recruitments.

And one of the great impacts of having many winners emerging from this pageantry all at once is that is it going to pave ways for massive leads generation for all sponsoring, partners and supporters brands. Except a brand solely decides to take up the sponsorship of the show, then all glory can goes to that brand. And our aims and objectives are as follows:


  1. To empower the young people in the area of real estate industry, exposing them to the oil well business opportunity in the real estate industry.
  2. To mobilize young, talented and creative minds to apply their potentialities in the area of real estate business and investment
  3. To educate the masses on the advantage and importance of early investment and sustainable business practices in real estate.
  4. To instill the energy and inculcate the strength of networking between real estate companies, investors, developers, brand ambassadors and influencers, in other to work together in achieving business growth, so as to ever record great returns on investment.
  5. To develop fresh and young start-up business leaders.
  6. Taking young people a step further and launching them into a new technological advancement in the real estate business sphere.


Creating a sustainable talent based business platform where young people can leverage to get financially empowered in real estate, and its related industries.


Discovering young talented and creative minds, and empowering them through beauty pageant in the real estate industry and entertainment.


The purpose of organizing Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Beauty Pageant is to open a new opportunities between models, pageant CEOs, event planners and entertainers in working with industry leaders, and to bring connectivity between the investors and industry stakeholders of the decades of viable business called – Real Estate – to meet the challenges of the young people in creating more jobs opportunities, while eradicating poverty in the countries of Nigeria, Africa and the other part of the world.

To also lead the real estate industry leaders, stakeholders, and practitioners into a new a fresh new resourceful future of leveraging on real estate technology for growth and advancement. And most importantly to strategies an easy going investment model in real estate industry for low income earners, and young people to benefit and become homes owners.


Most of the Nigerian artists need a sustainable platform to explore in order to excel and bring their dreams to a reality. And the Entrepreneurs be it those in the business already, or the upcoming startups need a scalable and fine-tuned opportunities in working together to make progress in their business. And as such, this is the part of the fact that entertainers when making it in their endeavors are always the number one good customers to entrepreneurs, and some of them too venturing into entrepreneurship business also.

So, since this is a big platform to bring them together in the sense that the event would always be organized in different part of other countries, so that means, entrepreneurs can tap into the global audience that the event would create especially when they involve in sponsoring the event or being located in the event geographical locations, and the artists in the other hand would always be call for to be our performing arts.  So, this connectivity would help both artists and entrepreneurs in working with a brand that has a sustainable strategy and concept of success mutually for them.


Thanks for this question. In fact, it is a great privilege and delightfulness to introduce to the world through this medium who is our brand Ambassador and Global Face. She is no other person than; a Global ICON, Green Queen, World Record Title Holder, a Pageant Coach and Mentor, a CEO of #No1Natural Beauty, and a Mother of Environment, who is currently the Face of Real Estate Global (FOREG) in person of Amb. Smily Mukta Ghoshal, (USA).

We want to thank her, and once again celebrate in her ongoing birthday month that God bless her and lead her to keep extending her global blessings to the entire world.

Truly, Amb. Smily Mukta Ghoshal is one woman that we love and cherish because of her global contribution to the humanity, and the earth. She is a giver, creative personality, confident, intelligent, industrious, and a philanthropist. Amb. Smily Mukta is one of the global women activist leader, and have climbed to the height of global recognition with several and numerous awards in her quest in life. Watch out of her numerous projects such as;

Amb. Smily Global Green Revolution Campaign (GRC) which is a global movement to rekindle the spirit of go – green in saving the earth, and ushering in sustainability. Her passion and unbiased mind set prompted her to be part of Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa, while she is an Indian-American, residing in Dallas, Texas, USA. And others lovable and sustainable projects and programs.

And most importantly, is her ongoing campaign on Global Green Revolution which is the key to restoring the mother earth to its original state void of degradation, pollution, bush burning, food shortage, oil spillage, destruction of arable lands, and climate change. So, we want to implore everyone to join this great Indian – American woman in this quest to save the planet and humanity.

Amb. Smily Global Green Revolution Campaign worth supporting and becoming part of as a way to move the principle of green chemistry which are guides, framework and real-time analysis for pollution prevention such as: prevention, Atom Economy, less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses, Designing Safer Chemicals, Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries, Design for Energy Efficient, Use of Renewable Feed stocks, Reduce Derivatives, Catalysis, and Design for Degradation, etc. Request for more details on Amb. Smily Global Green Revolution Campaign.


As part of our partnership with Hello Mumbai news, Hello India news, and Hello Womeniya news, led by Mr. Aleem Sheikh, we are going to use this Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa through other areas of our projects and events such as: Establishing a new connection between Nollywood and Bollywood film industries which is one of our content creation strategies to empower both new upcoming and professional artists, actors, actresses, models, dancers, and producers through film and movies making, music, dancing competitions and comedy.

This we believe that as we are grooming these new faces, influencers, superstars and celebrities through Mr. and miss real estate Africa, they would in turn grace the platform of Nollywood and other brands in the country with their new strength, creativity, talents and concept.

And with this, we want to call for all Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses, even other celebrities to join this event in making a successful contribution to our nations, man power and economic developments.


Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Beauty Pageant is a platform to scout and hunt for new interested models, artist an entertainers, and even others aspiring ones to come out in all over the world to leverage their beauty, talent, skills and creativity on this show as we are going to work with a lot of brands in different countries, and areas of endeavors to help them get global spotlight.

Therefore, since the Mr. and miss real estate Africa is an event for both online and on stage show, we are expecting more than 2,000 people to enter into the show to compete for more than the 15 titles, sashes and crowns that we are planning to give out.

It is going to be one of its kind event to be taking place in Nigeria and also online. So, we want to invite more interested models and aspiring ones to take this opportunity that would change their destiny and lead them to a professional career seriously.

Meanwhile, we are working toward the second audition in July 16th, 2022, and grand finally in August, 2022.


Yes, I was born into entertainment since my childhood. I am a professional drummer, lead guitarist, and love all musical instruments, I am an actor, and a footballer. And throughout my school days I have witness a lot of talents being wasted in the street without promotion or management.  I have seen some parents stopping their children from utilizing their talents when they realized that they have these God giving resources in them. So, I have also seen the birth of Nollywood film industry in which some of my groomed and trained actors and actress are working in there now.

I have also seen the challenges of Nollywood Film industry and the standard of productions ranging from lack of funding, good and global centric script writers, down to content marketing, and I’ve decided to started Ekallywood Film industry, and Ekallywood streaming Television as a new platform that would partner with Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood film industries, even other media platforms so asto form the alliance that would bridge the cap of all what I have mentioned so far, and bring in more talents and creativity to the industry. Also to educate families and communities not to waste talents.

So, to a point, I was advancing into talent management, event planning, and Radio and TV programs Hosting, even digital marketing, advertisement and consulting, etc. I then decided to look into that area in which young and talented people are not crowded yet, or not having much opportunities or broad knowledge at the moment, then, decided to talk to my team that it’s time to organize Mr. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageantry to open a new untapped opportunities to the young people, and letting them and the industry leaders to collaborate in working in an advance ways to generate wealth to them, others and the nations. Though we have a lot of other events that we have hosted and planning to host such as: Green Africa Beauty Pageant in 2019, Ibom Skill center development teaching ICT Programs, partner in organizing Poultry and livestock exhibition with Cems Nigeria, 2019, Hosting Legacy Model Africa, 2020, House of Pageant Reality TV Show interactive session, 2020/21 (1st, 2rd, and third editions), Class of Queens Reality TV Show, 2021, Ogun state fashion show, 2021, Pop up show, 2020, and now Mr. and Miss Real estate Africa, 2022.

This is why, because I know Nollywood industry that represent entertainment cannot do more without using locations to translate their scripting and story to a reality. And even after these becoming famous, their glamorous and luxurious ways of life mean that real estate is important facet of this industry. Therefore, in this case, if the both industry leaders should look critically into the other, then, they would know why it’s necessary for this alliance of new global opportunity for growth.

So, if you are an entertainer, media house, radio and TV network, food and beverage companies, fashion houses, commercial retail supply chain, and real estate brands, etc. Get to sponsor this event, or partner with us in other to tap into our massive audience and benefit in brands awareness, and mentioning during this event.


Yes, thank you. My appeal to the contestants that are coming in to contest for the Mr. and Miss real estate Africa must be serious to tap into this new area of success. Why my message to the upcoming models and professional ones is that; don’t ignore real estate business and investment because you think you are still very young? Start now to embrace this solid area of business. Learn to grow fast in it and move with the trend so that you can create an empire of wealth for yourself and others early enough.

We are running the first ever global real estate pageant show that will crown more winners rather than the normal ways of winner, first, and second runners up. We are coming out with more titles for more faces to emerge. This is because we want to make you, and empower you using the pageantry, fashion and entertainment. So, get the form now with just #5,000 for Nigerians/ $20 dollar to be part of this event where history would be redefine. We are also open for collaboration and partnership. Thank you Mr. Aleem Shaikh, founder and Senior Editor of Hello Mumbai News, Hello India News, and Hello Womeniya news platform, and other team members both in Nigeria, India, and USA, I say may God bless everyone.



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