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    Meet Sushank Salgaonkar, Founder Mind Prompt Awards promotes new filmmaker talents


    0News Input by  Radhika Joshi HM Correspondent :

    Sushank Salgaonkar is a qualified graphic designer, and an experienced Event Professional endowed with over 15 years experience under his belt of having worked as an Executive producer, compositor, editor, and operations with leading companies such as Network 18, Times of India, Prime Focus, Ferris Wheel among others.

    Notably, his path ahead endeavors to create a variation in the creative content production field by empowering upcoming talents with avenues previously unheard of.

    Further, the project Mind Prompt Emerging Filmmaker Awards 2021 reflects the beginning of this endeavor where creators get to compete with the best India has to offer and discover a place in India’s first-ever OTT platform committed to new and emerging film talent.

    Apart from all this, on top of everything, it has a purpose to highlight fresh movie talents (Filmmakers, Writers, Singers, Technicians, and Actors) and encourage and promote them. While it is executed to create India’s first OTT platform for Arising Filmmakers and Original Content Creators.

    In like manner, whosoever wishes to enroll in this has to be Creators, Investors, Brands. And it will be conducted on YouTube followed by a group event.

    Meanwhile, the duration of the Film will be 3:00 mins to 40:00 mins and the winner will get the Prize money reward of Rs 1 lakh (for each category). As well as visibility & reach, prompted across social media influencer networks.

    Apart from that mentioned above, one will get a chance to feature on their OTT platform and winners and nominees will be on their roster of content creators.

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