Home International Meet U.K. Based Women Entrepreneur Jay Virdee,Founder & CEO Learning Tutor Limited,Shares her Professional Journey

Meet U.K. Based Women Entrepreneur Jay Virdee,Founder & CEO Learning Tutor Limited,Shares her Professional Journey

Meet U.K. Based Women Entrepreneur Jay Virdee,Founder & CEO Learning Tutor Limited,Shares her Professional Journey

Jay Virdee BA (Hons) QTS
Founder & CEO Learning Tutor Limited |LearningTutor®.co.uk |iVoyagerMag™.com
Business, Sales & Marketing, Media and Education Consultant,
Mentor, Speaker, Life Coach and Advocate.

I am an experienced professional fortunate to have begun my journey during my late-teenage years
in the UK. By qualification, I am a teacher (educator) and an experienced education leader, and by
profession, I have 25 years of experience and demonstrated history of working in sales & marketing,
education and media management industries alongside mentoring and life coaching.
I’m RARE – I am diagnosed with a rare autoimmune and lung condition. My story is one of the mostread
featured by the BBC News platforms (2017) following appearing on the BBC News programme
and BBC Radio Stations. Sharing my health story was imperative for raising awareness and yet also
the most vulnerable point in my life – my health does not define me. My campaign ‘#JaysFight’ had
an estimated reach of 1.4 billion.
I am an advocate for equity, disability rights, mental health, and anti bullying & harassment – I
believe in fighting for the equality, diversity, and inclusion of all people. My support and Social
Media campaigns have gained global media attention and viral distribution (e.g. Junior Doctors
strike, LinkedIn as a professionals’ network, raising literacy: #SadBookChallenge inspired by Michael
Rosen’s Sad Book).
In 2014, I founded the Learning Tutor Limited umbrella for one reason – to educate people on how to
VALUE life and education, because life matters. Our lives are dictated by time and time is the only
constant we can rely on – do something amazing, do the things you have always wanted to do.
During the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been inspired by Lisa Rani Ray and her biography ‘Close to
the Bone’ – it has changed my attitude to life and has resulted to my taking positive action both in
my personal and professional life. The enforced isolation gave me an opportunity to diversify my
business and connect with exceptional Award-Winning authors and their thought-provoking books
such as ‘Always Anjali’ by Sheetal Sheth. As we navigate through this unprecedented time, I aspire to
bring more imperative must-reads to the UK market for all ages. I have also co-founded a digital
magazine (iVoyager Magazine™) due to launch soon.
Due to my diverse life experiences and building my business through purpose, value and meaning, I
know others can benefit from my experience and expertise. I live my life authentically and
unapologetically – I want what I’m worth – there is no shame in that.

I have recently worked with some exceptional clients of all ages and backgrounds, including key
Blue-Chip corporates and entrepreneurs – examples include celebrities, a leading female
cardiovascular surgeon, an established leading keynote speaker, singer-song-writers (Jeet Hakam
and Monica-J), digital marketing & consultancy for the First Sochi International Film Awards.
Seeing my clients accomplish results and begin a journey of life is the reason that drives me to offer
more of my time, experience and expertise. I love helping people ‘achieve value’ – I am not here to
sell the dream – rather point out what works and with veracity what does not work! I have always
believed in integrity, commitment and expertise – my client base exists for these reasons.
My ideal clients are:-

INDIVIDUALS – if you want to change direction in life – whether it’s employment, education or
ASPIRING SMALL BUSINESSES & ENTREPRENEURS – looking to start a venture but do not know how
or need some mentoring, management, leadership, marketing or sales advice.
SCHOOLS & EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS – dealing with demotivated staff, departments, or
pupils or in need of advice on moving off the plateau i.e. moving from good to outstanding – lesson
observation, mentoring and coaching, middle manager training or coaching and teachers who want
to start their own tutor venture.
LearningTutor®.co.uk can provide direct supply teaching to schools from Key Stage 1 through to Key
Stage 5. I am also experienced in delivering the following subjects: Information Technology (IT),
Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Business Studies including
Literacy for KS1 – KS3.
If you need help in any of the areas above, please feel free to connect.

If you need help in any of the areas above, please feel free to connect.
Email: Jay@iVoyagerMag.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jay_virdee
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jay_virdee
View my professional profile on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jay-virdee/
My recent training and accreditation (2020 – 2021):
Bullying and Harassment – Equality Act 2010
Digital Marketing Diploma – CPD Accredited
GDPR Training Course – CPD Accredited
Life Coaching Diploma – CPD Accredited
Mental Health Awareness – CPD Accredited
Mindfulness Diploma – CPD Accredited
Safeguarding Children – Level 2 – CPD Accredited

News Input by:- Kamal Prabhakar


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