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Meet Vikash Mittersain Chairman and Managing Director of Nazara Technologies Ltd. who shares his Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet Vikash Mittersain Chairman and Managing Director of Nazara Technologies Ltd. who shares his Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Vikash Mittersain is the Chairman and Managing Director of Nazara Technologies Ltd. Hello Mumbai News took the opportunity to catch him up on phone for an exclusive interview.  Excerpts of the interview.

Hello Mumbai News : Hi Sir, Please enlighten us about Nazara Technologies, Your Services and Product?

Vikash Mittersain : We started  Nazara around 15 years ago with a portal. Unfortunately,  it crashed in 2002. In a bid to earn more  we dabbled into gaming. Now since last 4-5 years we have acquired over 8 companies in India and overseas such as Dubai, Turkey. Last year when we valued Rs.89, 998 it jumped forward to 5 1 cr.

Hello Mumbai News : Sir, Could you please tell us how do you foresee the future of gaming in India?

Vikash Mittersain : Well it’s definitely going to be huge, bigger than movies and any other form of entertainment not only in India but Worldwide. Growth levels are at least 100% every year.

Hello Mumbai News : Talking about gaming, online world, it is considered as a grey  market since it is not legally recognised by government of India?

Vikash Mittersain : Sir, there are different meaning attributed to gaming. Some people assume that  gambling adds a colour. Actually it is not so. Atleast my company doesn’t get into anything that counts to gambling. Discussions are underway between Government and Businessmen to regularise, legalize and bring credibility to it.

Hello Mumbai News : Sir,  any plans in the near future, for entering into collaboration with new portals emerging in the market?

Vikash Mittersain : No. This doesn’t arise as we operate independently and our growth is independent. Its only me, its only us, Nazara the company acquired, is limited to our own group.

Hello Mumbai News : What prompted you and what is it that this drove you to float a company like Nazara, particularly focused on online games?

Vikash Mittersain : Well, 15 years ago, we were into online portal with  Games and Bollywood. There are about 10 sub-heads and it had all to do with eyeballs, it was a promotional and we didn’t charge anything. No revenue whatsoever. The entire  game was based and valuation was to come in those days, on how many people visit the portal on daily basis. But in 2002, when the portal crashed the only thing I visualised that the value in entire structure was the games and online gaming. We had started earning something through game because we were already charging. Everything else was just like a newspaper we could pickup and read, no revenue in it. When we went into the game and then over a period of 10 years this industry became online gaming, and it was from there the revenue began. Now they are massive.

Hello Mumbai News : When and how come you wanted to get into IT business?

Vikash Mittersain : As said earlier, we had our own portal which crashed in 2002-2003. And in 2008 we remember every portal was totally finished and there was no revenue and no investor coming forward. It was after  2008-2009, the mobile band  started increasing and companies like mine have grown and are growing.

Hello Mumbai News : Sir, any difficulties at the moment when  various countries are in the same business and eyeing to join you?

Vikash Mittersain : We are already working in many countries and I have about 9 offices in different countries, where we run the business. My company works in about 65 countries and then the company is there we work with the mobile operators, we work. This entire business has grown to a proportion now its no longer a child business it’s a very serious large business.

Hello Mumbai News : From which country you get a lot of business? From Europe or from Asia?  Do you find things are moving on quite well and comfortably?

Vikash Mittersain : Business is scattered all over  now and as I said we work in 64 countries right most covers of the world.

Hello Mumbai News : How did you manage getting things together and moving  forward in Covid-19 Pandemic time?

Vikash Mittersain : There were no physical meetings. But now that the  Cyberspace has become so powerful that you can hold as many meetings as you want online.

Hello Mumbai News : What are your future plans for the company? Do you plan to  and expand for the future?

Vikash Mittersain : If talking about my company Nazara, there are 100% growth from last few years. Even last year amid the peak of Covid I did a public issue, with a listing of my company on the Bombay Stock Exchange right between two lockdowns. Things don’t stop, we don’t find any difficulties for  growing company.

Hello Mumbai News : Are you dealing with anything in UK at the moment in terms of office or any business?

Vikash Mittersain : Earlier, we had an office in London,  but  shut it down because there was no growth and no revenue  in UK. Europe is the better place for us. Our Dubai office manages our European office

Hello Mumbai News : What advice would you like to give to  youngsters as you are role model for many?

Vikash Mittersain : My sincere advice to youngsters has been that they should not mix pleasure with work and not just to have fun or don’t just do work; the mix of both will make you grow much faster. It’s all about the time management, its not a big issue.

Hello Mumbai News : What kind of message you want to convey to the upcoming and aspiring startup owners in online?

Vikash Mittersain : I always give one message to anybody or any startup most important thing in business and especially when you want growth in your business be totally honest to yourself, to your customer, to your staff. simply don’t take any shortcuts, your time will come and you will grow.

Hello Mumbai News : You have been a author and you have authored books, what would you like to say about the books?

Vikash Mittersain : .I have published 4 books, two of them are about business, two are on my own journey, because I write everyday on facebook so I wrote two books on my own writing on facebook.

Hello Mumbai News : What do you think is the future of Indian economy  in online gaming?

Vikash Mittersain : Indian economy has a great future especially under PM Modi, he has done many things and he is doing things  and he is so positive it just oozes out of him positivity. So India is unstoppable for now. We are sixth largest economy and in couple of years we are going to be fifth and the march on?

Hello Mumbai News : How did the Lockdown and pandemic impacted your business, please tell something about the Indian Business Organisation –  you have been President of the Organisation?

Vikash Mittersain : It is called IBG(Indian Business Group). We are into  this Chamber since ten years.. We have over 3000 members but we reach out to more than 50000 people, who have accepted to receive updates and e-mails. Actual paid members are around 3000. I am like a fatherly figure to them, they just hang on to my every word and advice. IBG has become Iconic Chamber of Commerce.

Hello Mumbai News : Sir, How do you help Mali being an honorary council gender in trade and in commerce?

Vikash Mittersain : They want investment coming into Mali from all over world. So I am arranging Indian investors, exporters, manufacturers to setup industries there.

About Mr. Vikash Mittersain :

Mr. Vikash Mittersain was born in Mumbai on 4th June, 1954. He is an Electronic Engineer from Walchand College.

He is the Chairman and Managing Director of “Nazara Technologies Ltd.” started in the year 2000, a company in the Mobile games space.

He is also the Founder & President of India Business Group, a Chamber of Commerce which is growing rapidly, present 2000 Members. This Chamber connects with all segments and sectors of Business. The Chamber focuses on 12 major sectors and would be connecting worldwide through various events and Members who are global in nature. The Chamber has already Cooperating arrangements with 20 Chambers around the world and many more are expected to join us as Cooperating Chambers.

About Nazara Technologies Ltd. :

Nazara Technologies Ltd. is a leading India based diversified gaming and sports media platform with presence in India and across emerging and developed global markets such as Africa and North America, and offerings across the interactive gaming, eSports and gamified early learning ecosystems. The company owns some of the most recognisable IP, including WCC and Carrom Clash in mobile games, Kiddopia in gamified early learning, Nodwin and Sportskeeda in eSports and eSports media, and Halaplay Technologies Private Limited (“Halaplay”) and Qunami in skill-based, fantasy and trivia games. Nazara was among the first entrants in the Indian market in eSports (through Nodwin) and cricket simulation (through Nextwave). Nazara Technologies is a Global company and is already operating in many countries. Apart from this he has a company in ecommerce, in the Food industry called Gourmet Company and which is into gifting solutions.

Profile of IBG :-

IBG is a modern Chamber of Commerce and an independent not-for-profit Membership organization covering all business sectors and segments! We have around 80,000 of optin mailing list in Mumbai and around 1000 active members in our chamber. The board of committee members is a diverse group of business representatives and individuals who help ensure the Chamber in moving forward with our members’ best interest in mind. Tie ups with 75 chambers around the world.

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head, Hello Mumbai

Interview coordinated by :

Sanjukta Arun Barik
La Aartemisia Studio and Gallery.


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