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Memon ID Launched By Adv Zubeida Khandwani, ‘1 Community 1 ID’


www.memonid.com is exclusively for memon community residing globally. Working towards social upliftment & holistic Growth”


MemonId.com is an online portal which provides an interactive platform for the community members across the globe to stay connected. We intends to register each and every member from the community including a new born to the longest living individual which would enable us to conduct the Census of the members belonging to our community.  This Census would enable us to gather various information about the individuals such as educational, professionals, business details etc. With the help of information so collected we would be able to identify various requirements of the community so that we could help them with the best possible service and contribute towards social upliftment.

A Unique Identity Number will be allotted to the individuals being registered on the portal and Mobile App.


MemonID.com will provide an portal for facilitating exchange of ideas thus enhancing interaction among the members of the community widely dispersed across the globe.

Information collected through the census shall be segregated into various categories and to be used in networking & promoting the business within the community members.

Based on the information collected from the community members various initiatives and programs shall be initiated to promote commerce within the community, For Example Employment opportunities to community youngsters, skilled labor and qualified employees supplies to SME’s & Memon business houses looking for Human resources.

List of all major services going to be provided in the beginning by MemonID.com are as follows, as and when the requirements keep on growing MemonID.com Shall Increase its services accordingly.

n Family Tree

n Community Helpline

n Community information centre

n A networking platform for memons

n Educational information centre

n Professionals forum

n Global memon trade directory

n Global memon business network

n Memon matrimonial assistance program

n Employment assistance program

MemonID.com shall not only focus on providing services but services on time with 24*7 dedicated support and follow up.

All the services on the MemonID.com Portal shall be charged free of cost to its registered members.

MemonID.com One Community One ID Campaign have been launched in the presence of WMO, AIMJF & other dignitaries on 5th January 2018 @ Krishna palace hotel Mumbai. By the hands of Adv Zubaida Khandwani.

World’s first six MemonID card have been handed over to various personalities

1) Solly Noor (Wmo President)

2) Iqbal Memon Officer (AIMJF President)

3) Ehsan Haji Amin Gadawala (WMO NIC President)

4) H E Abdul Aziz (WMO SIC President)

5) Suhail Khandwani (Founder MemonID, Patron Member WMO)

6) Tanveer Merchant (Founder MemonID, Trustee WMO)

Memon ID is Promoted by

Mr Suhail Khandwani

Mr Tanveer Merchant

Conceptualized by

Mr Rubaid (Ali) Bhojani




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