Mini Lockdown announced in Maharashtra, what is closed, what will continue *

Mini Lockdown announced  in Maharashtra, what is closed, what will continue *

Mini Lockdown in Maharashtra, what is closed, what will continue? *
* Strict lockdown on Saturday, Sunday Mini lockdown in Maharashtra*

* Strict restrictions from tomorrow night *
* Mumbai: * Corona’s condition in the state is deteriorating. The number of corona patients is steadily increasing. Against this backdrop, the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has taken a big decision. Strict restrictions will be imposed in the state against the backdrop of increasing prevalence of corona. Weekend lockdown in the state means there will be severe lockdown on Saturday and Sunday. The new restrictions framed by the state government will come into effect from tomorrow.
* What started in the state, what stopped? *
Night curfew from 8 pm to 7 am from tomorrow, in case of congestion, action will be taken as per section 144 decision to
close malls, bars, restaurants, ‘take away’ service will continue
▪️ Government offices will be run in the presence of 50 per cent employees.All
Industries in the state will continue, there will be no restrictions on industrial workers.
All construction will continue
Work with government contracts will also continue

There will be no restrictions on the vegetable market, only strict rules to reduce congestion
▪️ Shooting will be allowed in places that are not crowded. However, cinemas in the state will remain closed
All transport arrangements will continue. However, the mask is mandatory when travelling
All public transport will continue at 50 percent capacity

* Strictly closed Saturday, Sunday *
The state government has decided to impose strict lockdown on Saturday and Sunday in the state. Some things will continue from Monday to Friday as per the rules of the state government. However, there will be strict restrictions on Saturday and Sunday, said Nawab Malik. Gardens, squares, religious places in the state will remain closed during the weekend lockdown in the state. Also, all kinds of religious, social and political events will be closed. Malik said only priests were allowed to worship at the temple.



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