MNS leader Kushal Suresh Dhuri demands high level inquiry into Sushant Singh Raiput suicide case meets Cooper hospital Dean

MNS leader Kushal Suresh Dhuri demands high level inquiry into Sushant Singh Raiput suicide case meets Cooper hospital Dean

It’s been two years ever since the mysterious death under mysterious circumstances of actor Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14, 2020 at his rented flat.
All this while reports went to prove he committed suicide when it was actually a preposterous, deliberated cold-blooded murder.

MNS leader Kushal Suresh Dhuri addressing the Media.

There was total negligence on the part of the Mumbai Police and that of the other authorities who never deemed it right enough to go deep into the death of the actor.

Even the investigation team ruled the death as ‘suicide’.
Fans and family members were all the time been claiming injustice and demanding for justice.

Now comes a news which is bound to raise the eye brows of one all.

It was a murder. This statement comes from the Autopsy staff of Copper Hospital who revealed a shocking claim of ‘several marks on his body’.

Currently, an individual who saw the autopsy of the actor has come out with a nerve-shattering and shocking claim suggesting that the actor didn’t commit suicide, but was in reality,murdered.

Roop kumar Shah, who conducted Sushant’s postmortem, in a recent interaction with TV9 revealed that when Sushant died, they had received 5 dead bodies in the Cooper Hospital for postmortem. Out of those 5 bodies, one was a ‘VIP body’adding that when they were about to perform a post-mortem, they learnt that the body was that of Sushant and detected several marks on his body with 2 to 3 marks on his neck as well.

“The postmortem was needed to be recorded but the higher authorities were asked to only click pics of the body. Hence, we abided as per their order.”

Roop kumar also went on to claim that when he saw the actor’s body for the first time, he quickly informed his seniors that he somehow felt it wasn’t a suicide but a murder. He revealed he had even told them that they should work as per the rules. In any case, his seniors told him to click pics as soon as possible and handover the body to the cops. “Hence, we performed the postmortem in the night only.”

Roop kumar, the Cooper Hospital Mortuary Staff Member also claims that the markings on Sushant’s neck
didn’t appear to be the one emerging out of a Suicide.
Rather, it looked likes someone strangulated him. There were marks even on other parts of the body as well.

While speaking with Aleem Sheikh Editor-in-chief Hello Mumbai News over phone Kushal Suresh Dhuri MNS leader said,” as Roop kumar Shah’s statement is very important and strikes a chord, Mumbai Police and other government authorities need to take up the issue very seriously and those found guilty in this negligence should be stringently punished.
Kushal further added that a letter has already been submitted to the Dean of Cooper Hospital demanding investigation over the matter.

Sushant Singh Raiput death mystery deepens. Shweta Singh Kirti, Sushant’s sister urges Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “Safety” of Copper Hospital Autopsy Staff who claimed Sushant Singh Raiput was murdered.




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