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    MNS leader Siddhant Mohite clarifies with Hello Mumbai News party not against Halal Meat but need Jhatka meat option for Non Muslim


    MNS leader Siddhant Mohite addressing the Media

    News was doing the rounds of MNS Party imposing a ban on Halal Meat served at the famous Eatery McDonalds and giving a 90 days ultimatum to remove Halal from the Menu.

    Now in a fresh twist to the issue MNS Vice-President Vyapari Sena,Siddhant Mohite gives a clarification to Hello Mumbai News.

    While speaking with Aleem Sheikh Editor-in-chief Hello Mumbai News, Siddhant Mohite aptly made it clear that there is absolutely no issue of ban on Halal Meat served at McDonalds.

    Halal meat is predominantly consumed by Muslims and the meat is cut by Muslim.
    The MNS issue is to introduce Jhatka meat for Non Muslims when they don’t prefer Halal Meat.
    The party’s appeal was in a way emotional.

    In 1972 when Deonar Slaughter House came into existence there were 400 Hindus comprising Valmiki and Hindu Khatiks

    Now There are no Hindus in the slaughter house in Deonar. Employment need to be given to Valmiki and Hindu Khatiks.

    He further says, There are only two Government organisations who give certificate related with Food
    Food Safety Authority of India and Food and Drug Authority.
    But surprisingly Jamiyat _ Ulema Hind issues Halal certificate not only related to Halal meat but also for other products like Britannia and patanjali its surprising.  our advice to Government of India they should take our issue seriously and Government must issue certificate for Halal products

    MNS is against support by McDonalds in serving Halal Meat to Non Muslims like Sikhs Christians etc which is discrimination to religion.
    Halal is a religious slaughter in the name of Allah.

    Ours is secular country as per constitution and every one is meant to believe in faith irrespective of caste creed and religion.

    News Edit: K.V.Raman



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