Home National Modi’s Nation, Bjp hopes of retaining in 2019 Loksabha .

Modi’s Nation, Bjp hopes of retaining in 2019 Loksabha .

Modi’s Nation, Bjp hopes of retaining in 2019 Loksabha .

By Aleem Shaikh:
Five state Assembly results in which Bjp got grand successed particularly in Uttar Pradesh regional party such as Sp and Bsp who have lost their grass roots identity .
The Final results update:
Uttar pardesh:
Bjp : 325
Sp : 47
Bsp : 19
Congress : 7
Utra khand :
Bjp : 57
Congress : 11
Others: 2
Punjab :
Congress : 77
A kali Dal : 18
Aap: 22
Manipur :
Bjp : 21
Congress : 28
Npf : 4
Others : 7
Goa :
Bjp : 13
Congress 17
Others : 10
Plotical leaders views on the result :
” sp congress lost owing to family dispute within the yadav family over the CM post we were unable to gather the minority votes Muslims and Dalit second thing we have failed to capatalised on the decision of Modi to ban currency notes On the contrary Modi succeeded in convence the people that the decision was against rich people”, said Prithviraj Chavan former Chief Minister of Mahsrashtra .
Bsp Supremo Mayawati:
After poor and worst performance in the history Bsp got only 19 seats she blamed on tampered on EVM machine and demand to re election she also alleged how Muslim and Dalit can vote to the Bjp she indirectly attacked on Election Commission on EVM machine issue.
Aklesh Yadav:
We accept the decesion of the people we will struggle again go to the masses and on to the streets and will clear all differences with the people.


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