Movie rating fraud Mumbai based social Media Entrepreneur Juned shaikh duped of Rs 3.38lakh, Police begins inquiry

Movie rating fraud Mumbai based social Media Entrepreneur Juned shaikh duped of Rs 3.38lakh, Police begins inquiry

Cyber Fraud has turned out to be a big challenge for police in Mumbai City which is witnessing a rise in such cases.

Regardless of the fact that the cyber crime sleuths are on their toes and are cracking down on job scamsters and booking them, yet it carries on and those involved dont seem to have any fear to the long arm of law.

Off late, a 32-year-old Social Media Journalist fell into the net of the job scamsters and was siphoned of Rs 3.9 lakh on the pretext of accruing a sizeable commission.

It is learnt that the SoBo based Social Media Journalist received a Telegraphic message from an unknown woman on November 29.
The woman caught up with the victim with an online opportunity offer to earn money. In a bid to win confidence, the woman
Convinced the victim that the job entails an handsome commission through rating movies.

Yet another woman reached out to the victim and told him to complete certain tasks on the website. The woman shared a link of a website and asked him to login. Upon completion of the tasks, the woman assured the victim that he would rake in good money that would be transferred directly to his e-wallet on the website.

The Journalist without even going into verification on the woman’s identity in the profession grasped all the instructions and started to complete the tasks given on the website on Dec 5.

The tasks was to give five-star ratings to different movies. He was also apprised that each time upon finishing a few tasks, he will have to pay some premium charges which would be reimbursed to him with his earnings later.

Reportedly, the accused woman had conned the victim by luring him into investing money in film rating platforms that turned out to be an absolute fake, on the assurance of getting a sizeable commission.

Notably, the complainant, the victim, had invested Rs 1 lakh initially via a spurious website provided to him by the accused. Though he could visualise the profits he had earned on the website, he could not withdraw the amount. He later paid the accused an additional sum in order to withdraw the money but, following his failure to do he realised that something is amiss that he has been cheated.
He approached the JJ Marg Police Station Cyber Team and lodged a complaint.

An FIR was registered against the accused woman with Sir JJ Marg Police Station Under Sections 419/420 IPC & Section 66-C/66-D of IT Act.


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