Mumbai Advocate and Journalist Pradeep Nambiar shares his interview with PM Modi on his 72nd


Today 17 September is the 72nd Birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pradeep Nambiar Advocate and a Journalist while Extending his Birthday Wishes to the Modiji has incorporated a content of the PM in his interview to a Spiritual Channel way back in 2006.

On the Purpose of life, the PM said
” Mai kabhi paane ke sapne nahi dekta hu…
Sirf karne ke sapne dekta hu…
Paane ke lalak mei asantosh chuppa rehta hai…
Karne ke sapne mei Santosh hai
Jaha Santosh hai, waha Anand hai …
Jaha Anand hai, waha Umang hai …
Aur Bina Umang ke kya jeena

Pradeep Nambiar attributes that Modi has been accepted as the best Prime Minister of our Country and foremost World leader.
His impossible achievements needs to be lauded:
*His repeal of Art 370.
*Surgical Strikes in Pakistan
*Balakot Airstrikes
*Aggression against China
*Flexing muscle in India Ocean
*Abolition of Triple talak
*Construction of Ram Mandir

The above mentioned acts and much more has earned him a place in Indian & World History.

News Edit: K.V.Raman



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