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    Mumbai ANC Cell raid drug manufacturing unit in Bharuch Seize Mephedrone worth Rs.1,026 cr


    Mumbai Police Anti-Narcotics Cell in their major bust of drugs seized the Most dangerous Mephedrone Drug weighing 513 kg a banned drug following a raid of a manufacturing unit in Bharuch in Gujarat who are into this banned and illegal substance. According to the Police, the seized substance costs Rs 1,026 crore in the international market.

    The Police has since arrested the accused identified as Giriraj Dixit, a post-graduate in Chemistry, and owner of the manufacturing unit of mephedrone.

    As per Police reports, the accused and another co-accused had perfected the formula for the production of the substance by conducting experiments.

    Meanwhile, according to Datta Nalawade, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Anti-Narcotics-Cell, the seizure is one of the biggest ever by the Mumbai Police.

    Reportedly, earlier this month, the Police had seized 700 kgs of the drug worth Rs 1,400 crore, from Nalasopara.The police have already seized 1,218 kgs of the drug worth Rs 2,435 crore and arrested seven people in the case. The investigation in the case had begun with the recovery of just 250 gms of the drug in March.

    Those arrested in the earlier seizure so far in the case include Shamshullah Obhedullah Khan (38), Ayub Izhar Ahmed Sheikh (33), Reshma Sanjaykumar Chandan (49), Riyaz Abdul Sattar Menon (43), Prem Prakash Parasnath Singh (52) and Kiran Pawar.

    Mephedrone, also known as MD, is a synthetic psychotropic stimulant which is banned under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

    List of Arrestted Accused :

    1) Shamshulla obhedulha khan age 38yr.
    2) Aayub Izhar ahmed shaikh, age 33 yr.
    3) Reshma sanjaykumar chandan, age 49 yr.
    4) Riyaz abdul sattar Memon, age 43 yr.
    5) Premprakash parasnath sing, age 52 yr.
    6)  Giriraj dikshit.

    News Edit: K.V.Raman



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