Home Maharashtra & Goa Mumbai based Purshotam Lal Sai Charitable Trust Celebrates Cheti Chand in Andheri ,See Exclusive pictures here

Mumbai based Purshotam Lal Sai Charitable Trust Celebrates Cheti Chand in Andheri ,See Exclusive pictures here

Mumbai based Purshotam Lal Sai Charitable Trust Celebrates Cheti Chand in Andheri   ,See Exclusive pictures here

The festival of Cheti Chand is celebrated with fairs, feasts and processions of icons of Jhulelal and other Hindu deities. It is also celebrated by the Sindhi dispora around the world. This year Cheti Chand fell on 2 April that also marked the celebration of Gudi Padva by the Maharashtrians and Kannadigas.

Notably, Cheti Chand festival marks the arrival of Spring and harvest and the start of Hindu New Year for Sindhi Hindus. It is seen as an auspicious day for business as it also marks the start of the new financial year.

However, it also marks the birthday of Julelal the Key Deity of Sindhi’s.

Julelal is also revered by Sufi Muslims, who associate him with Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a Sufi saint.

On the eve of Cheti Chand Inspiring events of Sindhi fucntion was held at Gag ground Andheri near Nalanda Apartment on Saturday.

Present at the occasion was
Dr. Prakash Gidwani Mumbai President, International Human Rights Social Justice Comissision.
Chief Guests included
Dr. Santosh Bajaj, Sundari Thakur, Ramesh Oberoi , Hiranand Maharaj, Chairman Purshotam Lalsai and Jawahar Israni From Delhi.

Hello Mumbai News  Correspondent Janvi S. Panjwani took the opportunity to interview these the Chief Guests.

Talking to Janvi, Dr. Prakash C. Gidwani, state ,” I am grateful to all the distinguished visitors who graced this joyous occasion. ” I thank the Mumbai Police Department for their assistance.
Happy Chetichand Wishes was was conveyed to all.

Whereas ,Dr.Santosh Bajaj, DrNational Chairman of the International Human Rights and Social Justic Organization, wished everyone a Happy Chetichand
and Happy Gudi Padwa.

As per Dr.Santosh Bajaj, ”  Every year,
we celebrate Chetichand for ourbeloved Jhulelal with great zea. And I am extremely  proud of our President, Prakash Gidwani, who invited me here as the Chief Guest and am Grateful. I advise all young students not to forget Sindhi language which is our Mother Tongue.”I also request all Sindhi parentsto teach their children SindhiLanuage, it’s significance andimportance from childhood.”
Adding that Sindhi Language provides us a sense of ourselves.
He went on to say, “Dal Pakwan has been a favourite of mine since childhood
It was a wonderful experience at the occasion , and I thank Prakash Gidwani for organising this Chetichand ceremony .

Hiranad Maharaj,.Chairman of the event affirmed that ,”We are once again celebrating the 29th Sindhi Function with the blessings of Shree Purshottam Lal Sai Dham. Today, every Sindhi will come to this location, bow their heads, and receive the blessings of our beloved god “Jhulelal.” Chetti Chand is a day of blessings, and I wish everyone a very Happy Chetichand,
“aayo laal sabhi chao jhulelal.”

Jawahar Israni, a National Record Holder with over 150 honours, another prominent Delhi visitor said “I thank Prakash Gidwani for inviting me to Mumbai. I wish every Sindhi a very Happy Chetichand and request them to speak Sindhi and take the Sindhi language to incredible heights.” I’m overjoyed to be here at this gathering. I participated in social work campaigns such as tree planting, women’s empowerment, and energy, water, and plastic conservation.

Ramesh Oberoi a Famous Singer said, “Chetichand for Sindhi means the dawn of a New Year new year of Sindhis, every year we celebrate this day with happiness so that our entire year can go in happiness with dance and joy.
I am a devotee of Mata Rani and a part of body of Laal Sai. I am associated with Laal Sai Dham. May all my fans be blessed with happiness.”

Sundari Thakur while sharing her experience said , “Today’s event is a sign of unity. This is where I find common ground. Everyone should treat persons who speak a different language equally. Everyone is equal to me in their own way. I appreciate . Prakash Gidwani’s invitation; he does a lot of wonderful work for the community.
I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Chetichand.”





  1. Attended a very nice program of Cheti Chand at Andheri Mumbai on 2.4.2022 on the invitation of Mr Prakash Gidwani and enjoyed the proceedings of program. Meet so many Sindhi celebrities there. Happy Cheti Chand and happy Gudi Padwa to all. Regards


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