Mumbai Builder Kailash Agarwal under scanner in a cheating and fraud case… Alleged for framing common man by influencing cops and politicians


There have been cases of a builder lobby trying to influence Mumbai police and frame innocents into false case for their benefits or to extort money. The builders have got a very strong connections with the politicians too to safeguard their money, use it to launder them or convert their black money into legitimate money by investing in their projects. The builders with police and politicians have been continuing the process of pressuring the common man for their benefits.

Infact there have been cases where the innocents are booked under stringent law like MCOCA too. In a recent case, Mumbai police commissioner Sanjay Pandey rejected the sanction of stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) against a senior citizen and his family members as the agency failed to prove the involvement of an underworld gang in the extortion case. The MCOCA was dropped against the family members, including a senior citizen. Cops did not find any of their contact with the underworld. However what has been interesting is that they were booked into extortion case and then not complying to the demand, cops booked them into stringent MCOCA law under the influence of builder Kailash Agarwal of Avighna Park.

The businessman had met the commissioner Pandey and even filed a complaint with him where he made serious allegations against crime branch officers, ex-commissioner Parambir Singh who had conspired to book them with MCOCA charges under the influence of builder Agarwal as they did not meet their extortion demands. According to their complaint, the builder had got the the complainant’s son’s business sold to his friend. However no money was paid for the business, but Agarwal started threatening and extorting money from the businessman. He even threatened the businessman’s daughter in law and got her sign cheques in his favour. The complaint has voice samples of death threats made by the builder. Mumbai Commissioner then ordered the crime branch to investigate the matter. The matter is under investigation. According to the sources, the builder has been trying his best that the case is not pursued against him and the family is charged back with MCOCA. There has been pressure tactics again used by the builder through his lobby.

Kailash Agawal was last in the news when his so called high end project One Avigna park that had caught fire. The fire led to death of one person. He was charged by the Mumbai police. There have been number of other criminal cases against Agarwal in Mumbai and Dubai. He was even arrested for the same and is currently out on bail.

In one case the judgement is expected to be announced soon, If convicted, he can be sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and deportation from UAE. Recent complaint filed by the businessman against Kailash Agarwal with Mumbai Commissioner of Police for Extortion and Death threats – under serious cognizable offences under sections 386, 387, 389, 506 (2) r/w 34 & 120-B of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.
The Kherwadi police had registered an FIR against Agarwal, his son and others for Rs 2,000-crore fraud, claiming that the builder, in nexus with a few BMC officials, forged documents to procure additional FSI. The FIR alleged the developer managed to get 9.68 lakh sqft of development rights from Mhada though rules permitted only 3.22 lakh sq ft.
There have been ED investigation too against him in a money laundering case. Also his project One Avigna Park money is under investigation as it was invested by Amicorp Investment companies. Amicorp investment companies are also implicated for money laundering in Nirav Modis money laundering, Essars money laundering, Gupta Brothers of South Africa, Jatin mehta of winsome diamonds and many other high profile money laundering cases from India. They are currently closing down their operations.

There have been number of such cases where the lobby of builders, cops and politicians have caused physical, mental, financial harassment to the common man. The recent MCOCA dropped by the Current Commissioner of Police will help the others too to fight for their rights and raise their voice against such lobbies. This general public hope that finally the truth will come out and politicians also need to beware of certain builders who come asking them for favours to apply pressure on the common man.

Mr Kailash Agarwal responds:

The complaint by the so-called businessman Hemant Banker is false and baseless, made with the intention of evading ongoing legal action against him, his family members and his underworld associates. The fact is that I am actually the victim of a criminal fraud and underworld threats, and the complainant is actually one of the prime accused who is now resorting to filing false complaints in an attempt to distract the police authorities and the Courts from facts of the case against him and to bolster his Special Leave Petition pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for quashing of MCOCA and the FIR against him for his involvement in criminal acts, including organised crime and threatening to kill.

The unrelated mentions about the FIR of Kherwadi Police and the ED investigations are also absolute falsehoods. The Kherwadi Police found no merit in the allegations and filed a B Summary Report for punishment to the complainant. Subsequent, the EOW and ED also investigated and found that all allegations against Avighna Group are baseless.

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