Home International Mumbai: Canada India Foundation Felicitates Bollywood Cine Star Sonu Sood For His tireless Charity work Amid COVID-19 Induced Lockdown.

Mumbai: Canada India Foundation Felicitates Bollywood Cine Star Sonu Sood For His tireless Charity work Amid COVID-19 Induced Lockdown.

Mumbai: Canada India Foundation Felicitates Bollywood Cine Star Sonu Sood For His tireless Charity work Amid COVID-19 Induced Lockdown.
File Picture of Anil Shah, Chairman Canda India Foundation.
File picture of Sonu Sood amid lockdown.

Mumbai: Canada India Foundation Felicitates Bollywood Cine Star Sonu Sood For His tireless Charity work Amid COVID-19 Induced Lockdown.
Mr. Anil Shah – Chair, Canada India Foundation Shares his views on impacts of COVID-19 and CIF initiatives during this tough time in An Exclusive Interview With ‘Hello Mumbai’ News International Correspondent Ashmita Chhabria.

The Canada India Foundation (CIF) is a Canadian non-profit organization working since 2007, with an objective of promoting Canada-India relations through active participation in public policy initiatives at all the levels of government. CIF adopted 360-degree approach to further the interests of India. It cover areas of Canadian national policies impacting Indian interests, domestic and bi-lateral policy issues having direct relations to the Indo-Canadian community, such as cultural, trade & commerce, education, immigration programs, political, diplomatic and other strategic matters.
During the pandemic lockdown period CIF took several initiatives to help stranded Indians in Canada, International Indian students studying in Canada with food and groceries, appreciated frontline workers with its over 15,000 meals deliveries. With the same spirit, CIF also appreciates the Corona Warriors in India in partnership with Hello Mumbai by giving appreciation certificates to show its gratitude.
CIF in a special gesture also felicitates Bollywood cine star Mr. Sonu Sood for his charity work during pandemic lockdown.
Hello Mumbai News Team interviewed Mr. Anil Shah, Chair CIF to get his views on this grim situation and CIF role during this period of time.
Mr. Shah thanked Hello Mumbai and said that, CIF wish to appreciate Mr. Sonu Sood for amazing work he has done during this tough time, it reflects his personality of a real time hero and not just an actor on screen. Giving him Appreciation Certificate is to show our gratitude and thanks for his services to fellow Indians during the time when they need it most. It will go a long way in the memories of all the Indians and especially the migrant workers.
During this initiative, CIF becomes active partner with ‘Hello Mumbai News’ to recognize and appreciate the charity work done by several other individuals. Mr. Alim Shaikh helps to identify these unsung ‘Corona Warriors’ and recognize them with CORONA WARRIOR CERTIFICATE. Till date, over 300 people have been recognized so far.
CIF appreciate their selfless service to humanity in such a critical situation of COVID-19. They risked their own lives to serve humanity at large.
In Canada, CIF is also working continuously to provide groceries, medical assistance, freshly cooked food to seniors, and “Thank you meals’ to front line workers in hospitals, fire service and police personals. Numerous people came out to become part of this noble initiative taken by the CIF. It was started with helping the Indian students and then with the support of likeminded people, it turned into a big movement.
He further said that CIF got a tremendous scale of recognition from all the levels of the government, community organizations and others. Premier of Ontario Hon. Doug Ford himself sent us a recorded video message to commend our work during the pandemic, which was a great motivation for us to do more. We got letters of appreciations from a number of federal and provincial ministers, members of parliament, members of provincial parliaments and Mayors of Cities, councilors etc. list is very long. You can see some of the appreciation letters on CIF website as well.
CIF also decided to recognize and appreciate those who have done similar work in India. Among all the volunteer workers, Sonu being a celebrity, shown an exemplary zeal of work and dedication to help people. We would like to felicitate him in person to hand over the appreciation certificate if possible, would love to meet him as per his convenience along with RD & SH National College.
Mr. Sonu Sood is an outstanding individual with a golden heart. I like watching his movies full of action which reflects his mental and physical fitness, but he earned tremendous respect and love with his noble work during the pandemic. He provided food, accommodation, and transportation to stranded migrant workers. We also came to know that he has started an App “PRAVASI ROJGAR” to provide work to migrant workers so they can earn their livelihood. It’s a phenomenal work of a real time hero which forced us to appreciate his work. We at CIF also hope that he will become a role model and inspiration for many others to come forward and help people in distress.
Mr. Shah also apprised us of CIF assistance to some stranded Indian families, individuals, expectant mother, and others in Canada. They came to visit Canada as tourists and got stuck due to the cancellation of international flights. They ran out of money here for their accommodation and CIF came forward to provide them accommodation in one of its member’s five-star hotel and freshly cooked meals with the help of Hindu Federation. Mr. Kuldeep Sharma, owner of the hotel and a proud CIF member got immense appreciation for this kind gesture.
Speaking about CIF’s future plans, Mr. Shah revealed that the organization wish to engage young minds to infuse new energy and passion among the second and third generation Indo Canadians to keep the Indian flag high in Canada.
CIF is starting a new initiative to serve freshly cooked meals to our seniors in Canada. On 15th August 2020, with the celebration of India’s 74th Independence Day, we will kick start this program by hoisting Indian flag in the presence of Indian Consul General Ms. Apoorva Srivastava and some other Members of Provincial Parliaments and city councilors. We also target to provide few hundred meals every month, till the time this COVID-19 is completely gone.

Mr. Shah also briefed us that they are having a Charity Golf Tournament on 3rd September 2020. The proceeds of this tournament will go to the families of fallen soldiers in Canada and India.
CIF has also pledged to donate minimum 40,000 Dollars for the families of Galwan Heroes who lost their lives in the service of motherland. CIF will also be donating $10,000 to the Canadian Armed Forces.
In the last Mr. Shah, wishes a very happy 74th India’s Independence Day and congratulated Hello Mumbai for their work to help people.
Stay safe, stay connected.
Mr. Hemant M Shah Indo-Canadian Businessman shared his views on Canada India Foundation’s work with Hello Mumbai News. He quotes, “I would like to congratulate CIF. They have done a great job in Canada. CIF has taken an initiative and recognized and felicitated CORONA WARRIORS in India our Matrubhoomi Bharat. Especially they have felicitated the great actor, the humble Human Being, the one who taught others to save humanity Mr. Sonu Sood. It’s a remarkable thing done by him. Apart from Mr. Sonu CIF has felicitated many other warriors like Journalists, Corporators, Rotary Club, Lions Club, some politicians, some NGOs, who have really worked hard during this pandemic. I would personally like to congratulate CIF. CIF is not only talking about trade but they are talking about our culture, multi-culturalism & diversity. They have done a great job and have set a great example.”


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