Mumbai Congress lodged complaint against Bjp Leader on his controversial tweet


    By Aleem Shaikh:

    Congress now a days is in attacking mood against BJP and it’s leaders they don’t want to lose a chance. Recently Bjp National Spokesman person Mr Narsimaha tweeted against Rahul Gandhi saying “aulaad of khiljee”
    this controversial tweet made angry to the Congress party and it’s workers, they condoned the remark of BJP leader and protested at versova police station, demanding to lodge FIR against the BJP spoke person under IT act.
    “Our delegation led by Mumbai Chief Sanjay Nirupam met senior police Inspector and gave a written complaint to him also requested him to take legal action against the bjp leader, if police will not take this matter seriously will do protest, ” Said Shane illahi one of the party activist.
    In this delegation some woman activitis were also present. According to sources very soon FIR will be registered, the police also assured the Congress delegation.



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