Mumbai Congress Minority Meet Held At MRCC, Haji Babu Khan Addressed Party Workers

    Mumbai Congress Minority Meet Held At MRCC, Haji Babu Khan Addressed Party Workers

    It was first Minority meet of Mumbai Congress which was organised by newly appointed Congress Corporator and Mumbai chief Haji Babu Khan. It was attended by all district presidents, Taluka president and all party workers.on this occasion Haji Babu Khan addressed his party workers and said, “I believe in team work and every decision will take after approval of every leader our mission is to improve the congress party and it’s strength, we will give the post to every one on his ability and merit base, he also appealed to the workers clear the all differences among them and work only for the party,”.

    He further added I am thankful to all who supported me and gave me such a big opportunity particularly Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam who trusted me and gave me such a big responsibility and I assured to all I will prove myself and will change the situation.

    What other party leaders said :

    Kayyum Tamboli : Haji Babu khan s very sincere leader of the party he is very hard worker and will prove himself. He also appealed to the party workers do hard work and active in your local area. In his speech he conyed the importance of the Minority department and said it is very important department of the congress party.
    A as if chougle : I am with Babu khan and my support will be continue to him.


    Maulana Zaheer Abas Rizvi : Haji Babu khan a true congress party leader and he believes in hard working I am confident he will change the face of Minority Department.

    Gafoor khan : We got a very good minority leader in our party Haji Babu khan deserves it.

    Jaiparkah singh: It’s a great moment for all of us we got a leader like Haji Babu khan and he is very much dedicated congress worker and have good knowledge of the social issues will be helpful for the party.

    Rasheed : My suggestions to Haji Babu khan focus on to unite all party workers those are now inactive and unhappy with the party.




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