Mumbai Congress Offers ‘Chadar ‘ at Ajmer shariff Dargah, pray for ‘Modi Mukt Bharat ‘


    First Chadar offered on behalf of Mumbai Congress and Minority  department at   Darghah of Sufi Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti  with a message of harmony, brotherhood and peace. In his message  city president Sanjay Nirupam said, “Khawaja Sahab is a symbol of great spiritual traditions of India, Garib Nawaz’s

    Service of humanity would remain and inspiration for future generation ,we should  respect all  religion because  India is the largest secular  democratic  country  , we  also pray  for ‘Modi  Mukat Bharat ‘ because  today  our  country  facing  crisis  and challenges  in many ways  because of  present Government’s  poor  performance, “. Ibrahim Bhaijaan  Ex Maharashtra State  Hajj  Committe  Chairman and  Vice  president of Maharashtra Congress  also released the party message,Mumbai  Congress’s first chadar to be offered at Ajmer shariff Chadar for the auspicious URS and our  team   will be leaving for Ajmer Dargah on Thursday and will  reach   on24 of March, this chadar is symbol of peace and harmony and  Congress  party  believed in  secularism  since  decade  our  party  offering  ‘Chadar ‘ from the  time of  Late  Indira Gandhi , Rajiv Gandhi, and Sonia Gandhi  now  Mumbai  Congress  party also  sending  this  chadar , every one is  fed up with  this  Modi Government  and we will pray for ‘Modi  Mukat Bharat ‘  we also pray next PM of our country  should be  Our leader Rahul Gandhi . On  this  auspicious  occasion  Mumbai  Congress  Minority  leaders  like  Zafar Ansari, Gaffur Bhai, Shabuddin  ,Sadeeq  latif  khan  , Babu bhai and  other  congress party  leaders and  activist  were  also  present.



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