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Mumbai Congress Protests against petrol Price Hike, At Kalina


The price hike in petrol is  become very  challenge issue for the present Government  .Cong party all  over India organised agitation and Rasta Roko against the  fuel price  hike. In Mumbai Also party organised a protest at Kalina  . Kayyum Tamboli North  Central District President Of Minority , said, “This clearly shows that the ‘present Government ‘ is only interested in looting the people of India. They have no interest in making the lives of the common people any easier. This is not just affecting the commuters’ lives but also every household with all vegetable prices having gone up by 25 per cent. As recently as yesterday, the prices of petrol were almost Rs 85.29 per litre and that of diesel were Rs 72.96 in Mumbai. How common  people can  bear this  economic  budget of  everyone is disturbed ,This amounts to nothing but murdering the common people one day at a time.”

Over the last nine days, petrol prices have risen by Rs 2.24 per litre and diesel by Rs 2.15 per litre.

Our protest against these price  hike  will be  continue because we are doing  this in the  interest of  common people our  part agenda is clear to  support common people and to  solve  their problems, Mr Kayyum Tamboli  added.

The  protest  was  attended by local party workers and other party  leaders.


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