Home Western Mumbai: CSMIA eliminates COVID-19 worry, ensures passengers a safe ride home, read detailed story here

Mumbai: CSMIA eliminates COVID-19 worry, ensures passengers a safe ride home, read detailed story here

Mumbai:  CSMIA eliminates COVID-19 worry, ensures passengers a safe ride home, read detailed story here

CSMIA eliminates COVID-19 worry, ensures passengers a safe ride home

Mumbai, June 05, 2020: GVK-led Mumbai International Airport managing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has taken up initiatives to ensure passengers a safe passage not only at the airport but till their doorstep. CSMIA understands growing concerns among passengers for safe transport once they exit the airport. The airport has thus placed stringent measures to screen drivers and fumigate the prepaid taxis and local cabs entering the airport premise. The airport has deployed a team to monitor the screening and fumigation of drivers and their taxis arriving at the airport, further ensuring safety, and easing the minds of the passengers.

CSMIA amidst the pandemic and resumption of domestic services has placed Standard Operating Procedures for Taxis and drivers to eliminate worry amongst tense passengers seeking a ride home. The airport has deployed Field Executives to supervise the screening as well as sanitization of the vehicle. Drivers will undergo thermal checks and will be provided with an informative pamphlet detailing guideline on social distancing and sanitization by the airport’s executive. In the event of the driver recording a higher temperature, the driver will immediately be asked to undergo medical consultation, and his details will be entered in the records by the airport executive. Furthermore, the airport has provided the prepaid taxis as well as local cabs with a secure location away from the passenger and the car park to sanitize and fumigate the vehicle safely. The cars will be sanitized by using a 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol-induced disinfectant spray to kill the virus. Field Executives will ensure the Standard Operating Procedures are in place as well as maintain a record of the drivers and vehicles in their database.

With the recommencement of domestic operations and suspension of prepaid cabs in the city, CSMIA arranged for private vehicles in case passengers faced any difficulty while transiting home. The drivers of these cars have been thermal checked and followed the sanitization guidelines provided by the airport executives to ensure safe travel. The private vehicles have made a total of 359 trips to and from CSMIA to passenger’s home. Furthermore, with the ease of lockdown in the city and revival of services by prepaid taxis and local cabs, the airport is prepared to welcome the functioning of OLA, Uber, Meru, and Black and Yellow taxis with stringent measures.

CSMIA prioritizes and upholds the wellbeing of its passengers and continues to ensure safe travel through the airport. For CSMIA, passenger journey begins and ends till the time they exit the airport. Therefore, it is CSMIA’s collective endeavour to ensure the safety of the passenger throughout their journey – board their flight and through ground transfers. The safety of the passenger is of utmost priority, and CSMIA is committed to following the highest standards of safety and hygiene to see that the last-mile cab aggregators ensure secure first and last leg of travel.



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