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Mumbai Dance Bar Raj Mahal Denys Entry to Auto Rickshaw Driver Just Because He is Poor, Khar Police Begins Inquiry


By Aleem Shaikh

Mumbai Dance Bar Raj Mahal Denys Entry to Auto Rickshaw Driver Just Because He is Poor, Khar Police Begins  Inquiry.

Believe it or not  discrimination against poor still exists in our society.

Auto Rickshaw driver Raghu Mahto who was asked to leave Raj Mahal Dance bar just because he is poor shows that our society still follows the old tradition of discrimination on the basis of rich and poor, Mahto who wished to go to a dance bar never in his dreams thought that the bar owner will insult him  and will not allow him to  enter the bar             “Raj Mahal” in khar.
On 18 March 2017auto driver Raghu Mahto went at Raj Mahal dance bar as he tried to get entry the security guard stopped him saying this place is not for you , you can’t go because your dress code is not good and you are a Rickshaw driver , he insisted him he will pay whatever the charges are but the security guard did not allow him . During the argument Javed khan a film producer and developer by profession who heard the conversation and felt very bad about the whole thing and decided to help the auto driver , Javed called the manager and  asked why are you are not giving entry to this auto driver the manager also gave the same reason that he is a an auto driver and his dress code is not  good. But Javed khan tried his best and  managed to convince the Manager and got Mahto enter the dance bar on one condition that he has to wear the shirt which they will provide. The whole story about harassing the Auto driver and Mr Javed khan who is also the General Secretary  of the Swabhiman Auto Rickshaw taxi union.
“Is it my fault that I am a Rickshaw driver ,I earn money by working hard but there is no respect for a poor man it shows  a auto Rickshaw driver can not enjoy and have a good time just because he is poor, i feel humiliated and sad that we have reached the mars but still a poor guy like me can not go to a dance bar.
I want justice against this  discrimination , I have lodged a  police complaint with khar police station and eagerly  waiting for  justice if I will not get proper justice i will  protest  with our union leader against the bar owner”, Said Raghu Mahto
Mr Javed khan who was  with this auto driver explained the entire episode ” this incident is very shameful it should not happen  in a country like India .There should be a law against discrimination of any kind and should be punishable under the law and khar police should register an  Fir immediately against the dance bar owner and Manager,  he further added that Raj Mahal dance bar is famous for violating  all norms and regulations  they have 15 to 20 girls for performance and most of them don’t have ID cards.
The bar does not have  basic facility’s such as toilet and bathroom,  Interestingly  the bar has no fear of  khar police station and social Service Branch of Mumbai police.
According to Mr Javed Khan this dance bar is famous for  beautiful girls and for breaking  all laws, it stays open beyond the 1.30 am deadline and is open till 5 am . Why is the police turn a  blind eye I don’t understand .
When “Hello Mumbai” brought the entire story before the senior Police Inspector Raam Chandar Jadhav he set up a team to investigate the matter and assured us to take legal action against the bar owner.
The pictures and videos of the bars girls are available with Hello Mumbai which clearly shows the violation of  all rules and regulations .
We all hope that  khar police station takes  action against the bar owner and set an example against discrimination based on poor and rich.


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