Home Central MUMBAI: Dr.Deepak Choudhary, Covid Task Force Cordinator & Past District Governor Lions Club 3231A3 steps forward to help Mumbai’s Dabbawalla amid lockdown, shared his charity work expereince with ‘Hello Mumbai News’

MUMBAI: Dr.Deepak Choudhary, Covid Task Force Cordinator & Past District Governor Lions Club 3231A3 steps forward to help Mumbai’s Dabbawalla amid lockdown, shared his charity work expereince with ‘Hello Mumbai News’

MUMBAI: Dr.Deepak Choudhary, Covid Task Force Cordinator & Past  District Governor  Lions Club 3231A3 steps forward to help Mumbai’s Dabbawalla amid lockdown,  shared his charity work expereince with ‘Hello Mumbai News’

News Report by Shikha Singh:

Exclusive Interview With Dr.Deepak Chaudhary on Charity Project amid Covid 19 and Lockdown .


MUMBAI: Dr.Deepak Choudhary, Task force Cordinator Covid 19 and past district Governor of , Lions Club 3231A3 steps forward to help all the needy and poor people amid lockdown read full story here.


He said, Lion’s International is spread across the world over, and we have been doing several activities alongside the committee members and working for the welfare of people the world over and serving them.
We have conducted charity work amid the Lockdown

When Covid-19 engulfed India in March, it created fear and panic. The lockdown was imposed on 20th March and the Government of India took the initiative to observe self-distancing and staying at home. At the same time, many cases were coming up and there was shortage of hospitals. Being one of the leading NGOs under the leadership of District Governor, he used to get lot of calls and we found Covid-task force which is Lions Covid-task force. Under this task force, we shared an experience with the lion leaders.

Alongside them, we started appealing to our Club. We have 130 Clubs in our district. Hence making an appeal from all these committee members and governor.

Approximately, we had collected
Rs.20 lakhs and distributed PPE kits to many hospitals which were lacking equipment. So far, we have distributed more than three thousand PPE kits to various governments, hospitals, rural medical health centre like Mokhada, Palghar, Dahanu all these places. We provided nearly 5095 masks, 3ply masks -.13000 to the paramedical staff, N95 masks 4525. To the General Public, we distributed 35,000 so that the spread of corona virus can be limited and controlledm.


Our target somehow observed that this Coronavirus is curable and for that, each lion
NEVER SAID CARONA IS CURABLE . carona eradication is challenge.

In fact, we supplied Oxygen to many hospitals so that it can generate oxygen and serve the life of people. At the same time, we find many workers going to their native place due to scarcity of funds as they don’t have sufficient money or things to food eat. So nearly 20 thousand travellers or workers were going home and to whom we provided eating items so that while travelling they have something to eat.

Lions Club Millennium Madhusudan Agrawal, Ajanta Pharma, kept contributing around 50 lakhs for this covid hospital.

Notably, Lions all over the districts relatedly provided sanitizer, hand gloves and mask to Police Stations. Whenever any requirement is there and if anybody calls, we ensure that we can help them by providing as per their requirement. require.

All that Lions Club has done
During this pandemic situation, we distributed hand wash which is of prime importance. But in rural areas sanitizers and handwash are much necessary i.e water is very much essential. In Mokhada area there is no water during February, March and April. Fortunately, last year our Lions have constructed nearly 20 check dams and each dam has a capacity of 2crore litre of water.

Each year, approximately 18 villages and surrounding areas need to get water from the water tank. This year Government felt happy and the local collector too was happy that Palghar village could survive on this water. As we all know in current situation, washing hands with soap is very important to maintain hygiene. One can get soap, but getting water is difficult. However, once the Checkdam comes to the building villagers can get ample of water that will also indirectly help to stop this covid-19 in the particular villages. So, we are also into water conservation for the benefit of villagers.

Supply of all the essential medical equipments, kits, medicine, apron’s to the hospital are all our commitment and we will see what best can be done. Because even today if you go to many hospitals, particularly government hospital, it would be noticed that many staff don’t have sufficient PPE kits, gloves and mask. At this scenario, Lions Club come into the picture. They visit the place and then donate this medical items which will help them to stop this covid virus from spreading. We have been doing this form Talasari to Bandra and all over Mumbai wherever hospitals require them.

On his comments on the partial unlock of Lockdown?
We feel that this unlock is premature because, movement of people and vehicles on the road the kind of this virus i.e. spreading 2days of after Unlockdown partially this virus is multiplying. Patients are unable to get beds and adequate space. Hence, we are trying to participate in Government projects. Wherever this quarantine centre is set up, there we can provide additional beds or we can participate in the construction of hospitals.

We, Lions, believe in commitment and to see what best could be done. Right now, the requirement is more in rural area. Earlier there wasn’t much cases of covid-19, but recently number of cases has spread in places like Palghar, Vasai, Virar and everyone will have to try how they can control it. Members of Lions are helping them. We hope with little bit of help from Lions Club, will control this virus.

We also keep on motivating the general public, spreading awareness of covid-19. But the question is how can this covid-19 be controlled how one should take safety measures and precautions.

He further said “I believe that around six months time, there will be a crucial movement for us and so each and every individual should contribute to control this virus.
Being part of this covid-19 task force, ensure that whatever your requirement, will be provided.
He also elaborated on the popular dabbawalla’s situation because of Covid-19 and lockdown:

“Mumbai Dabbawalla’s have been providing tiffin to all of us, but this covid-19 has impacted on them. This Mumbai dabbawalla’s are jobless since last three months because of shutdown of offices and suspension of local trains. They are the people who will not ask for anything, they believe in their own principles. Now their source of income has dwindled and many of them have returned to their villages. It is following a personal conversation with one of the dabbawallas from Kandivli, who said “sir, we have 1500 to 2000 members and don’t have enough food to eat in our villages. I called up my governor immediately and we are going to make a package of food items calling it as “Anaaj Daan”. The packages contain 5kg flour, 5kg rice all necessities and 5 different packets of biscuits packed in one bag which we would be distributing on 1st of July.

Our President will be moving around with the few dabbawallas and they will be taking this packages in vehicles and distribute in their village Marvel in Pune where all the dabbawallas stay together.
By providing these packages to them probably they may recover to a certain extent.

Covid-19 has massively impacted on people hat people and we are trying to find different a solution to provide necessities for such like we are helping the dabbawallas. If any people need help, they are free to contact us. We will definitely try to help all by communicating with different bodies and try to serve whatever best which are at our disposal”

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