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    Mumbai Fugitive Drug Peddler Kailash Rajput arrested in London

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    Third party image. File picture Kailash Rajput Drug Mafia 

    The Mumbai Police and the Narcotics agency have been on their toes in their clampdown on Drug Traffickers and have initiated action against them.

    However, the Mumbai Police were on the wild goose chase to nab the main drug supplier.

    But sources in the Mumbai Police department reveal that they were on manhunt for the major supplier Kailash Rajput supplier of synthetic drugs, especially Mephedrone, in the country.

    In February, 2018, the Amboli police team, headed by police inspector Daya Nayak, had arrested two people and seized 13.5 kilograms of the party drugs worth ₹2.73 crore, which was valued at ₹25 crore in the international illicit market

    After tapping all accessible sources, the Mumbai Police have finally traced fugitive drug supplier Kailas Rajput one of the biggest drug suppliers to the country — to the United Kingdom (UK).
    The Mumbai Police are into the procedure to extradite him from London and are in touch with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which acts as Interpol in the country.

    The CBI in co-ordination with the Ministry of External Affairs will initiate extradition proceedings to bring KR to India.

    As per a Police officer, notably, India and UK have an extradition treaty in place since 1993.
    The authorities in UK has seized his passport and he is being placed under house arrest in UK.

    Sources in the police department said that Rajput has played a major role in the supply of synthetic drugs, especially Mephedrone, in the country.

    When the Police Team headed by Inspector Daya Naik arrested two persons in February, 2018 and during interrogation they revealed the name of Kailash Rajput. He was in Dubai after his release on bail since 2014.

    The Police team had seized 13.5 kilograms of the party drugs worth ₹2.73 crore, valued at ₹25 crore in the international illicit market.

    Reportedly, Rajput, is an international drug supplier against whom a look-out notice was issued as he was wanted by the Anti-Narcotics Cell, the Special Cell of the Delhi police, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in various cases.

    Earlier, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Shivdeep Lande, who was heading the Anti-Narcotics Cell, and Joint Commissioner of Police, (Crime), Santosh Rastogi, had started an operation to bring him back to India when he was in Dubai. However, the Covid 19-driven national lockdown dashed their plan.

    As per the Mumbai Police, Rajput is the supplier of party drugs Ephedrine, Ketamine, Meow Meow (MD); banned drug Fentanyl, which was manufactured in India but only financed by him. said a police officer. Ephedrine and Ecstasy (MDMA) are used in various parties in the city and the state.

    Former NCB Zonal Director, Sameer Wankhede had also busted a racket after the arrest of Chinku Pathan from Navi Mumbai. Later, Pathan had revealed the name of Arif Bhujwala who had fled from Dongri when the NCB team went to arrest him. The agency had found a lab where Mephedrone was manufactured by Arif. It then seized ₹2 crore in cash and 12 kilograms of MD from the place.

    In the interrogation Bhujwala had revealed the name of Rajput with the help of whom he had started the drug business.

    Wankhede had also initiated a process to bring back Rajput, who he had earlier claimed was a big player, but his operation was left halfway.

    Meanwhile, the present Mumbai Police Commissioner, Vivek Phansalkar and Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Suhaas Warke, have been keenly following the movements to bring back Rajput.

    News Input: K.V.Raman



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