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Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar hints Lockdown in Mumbai if daily Covid cases crossed 20,000

Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar hints Lockdown in Mumbai if daily Covid cases crossed 20,000


Unlike the massive surge in Covid-19 cases in 2020 in the country which took a heavy toll on the lives of people, this time around the pandemic is spreading its wings rapidly and the caseload is increasing by leaps and bounds. In Mumbai
The caseload is heavy and despite the State Government and the Civic Body’s repeated appeals and warnings to the Mumbaikars ro abide by thw protocol set by the Government people are giving it a scant regard and putting their life to stake.

Mumbai Mayor addressing the press conference .


In view the expensive spread of the virus the Financial Capital the Mayor of Mumbai Kishori Pednekar today held a press conference with an appeal to the citizens to follow the protocol and to take utmost care of themselves against the backdrop of the Corona-Covid-19 and the Omicron Variant outbreak.

The Mumbai Mayor yesterday affirmed that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra appreciated her Education Minister appreciated decision to close the school saying “It’s a good decision to close the physical school classes. The steep rise in the number of Corona-Covid-19 patients has posed for a matter of deep concern. Keeping in mind and in due concern ti the spread of the infectious and contagious virus, strict restrictions have been imposed as a precautionary measure to curb further spread of the virus
Citizens should have taken double doses,” she concluded.

The Mayor further added that Shiv Sena has “put off” two programmes to avoid crowds. Even the Bandra fair show stands closed.

CM Uddhav Thackeray has taken charge as the party Chief and Chief Minister. She also appealed to other parties, advocating that the leaders of other parties should also understand the risk and danger of the deadly Virus.

Adding further the Mayor said that the Chief Minister has taken the initiative to ensure that our workers as well as the people do not succumb to the Virus. Notably Ajit Pawar (Dada) also said yesterday that he will attend the function on a condition that there is 50% attendance.
So Citizens Mumbai careful not to fall a victim to the super spreader.

She also mentioned that the Commissioner himself is keeping an eye on everything. The lockout is unavoidable unless everyone wakes up and swear to follow the rules. If you cooperate and follow the protocol Corona can be eliminated stopped, there would be no lockout. But if the caseload number surges above 20,000, then the rules given by the center will have to be abided concluded Mayor Kishori Pednekar.

News Edit: K.V.Raman


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