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    Mumbai: Mr. Abdul Kareem Salar, Founder Iqra Foundation, Says, This Eid Will Remain Memorable To All Of Us, Due To The Present Critical Situation of Covid19

    Mr. Abdul Kareem Salar

    News report by Amreen  shaikh :

    Mumbai: Mr. Abdul

    Kareem Salar, Founder Iqra Foundation, says, this Eid will remain memorable to all of us, due to the present critical situation.

    Mumbai: Mr.Kareem Salar, Founder, Iqra Education Foundation, in an interview with Hello Mumbai News Reporter Amreen Shaikh shares that his brother Mr. Abdul Aziz Salar, the President of Al-Faiz Foundation and the secretary, Mr. Mistaak Salar, nephew of Mr. Kareem Salar has strode together to help the stranded migrants and underprivileged unfortunates.

    Key Highlights of the charity work: 

    In their activities, they provided monetary benefits by giving Kissht to around 2018 people. They have distributed food packets and food grains like wheat, rice, oil, sugar, breads, naans and milk packets.

    They also distributed 4770 eggs, 1200 naans, 250 packets of sheerkorma to migrants and underprivileged. Al-Faiz Foundation has taken over almost all the areas in Jalgaon helping for the noble cause.

    Along with the distribution, Mr. Salar with Al-Faiz Foundation started the online center of free passes at their office. All the migrants who have been stranded in this situation have been provided an opportunity to avail online pass for travelling back to their hometown. Thousands of people from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Karnataka and Jharkhand have availed the pass and travelled at their ease. Mr. Salar with his team also carried out the safe and dignified cremation of Corona Patients. He also helped government by providing two ambulances from Iqra Foundation for medical purposes. He also converted his school into isolation center for the Corona Patients.

    Speaking about challenges, Mr. Kareem salar says,” By the grace of God, never came across any major challenges. Infact, many people came up and joined us, helping with their funds, which is clearly a very good sign of Humanity.”

    Expressing his views, he said “for me, Ramzan helps in self-realization. You start to feel the presence of Allah and when you feel that you start to fear and that fear turns to boost your self-confidence. This makes you feel strong and to fight for your family and others. The feel of Starvation leads one to learn the plight of underprivileged unfortunates.

    Lucky is the one who gets to fast in Ramzan. It’s like a month’s training for all Muslims, helping in the development of characters, to be altruistic in nature, to live for your family, others and nation.” Said Mr. Karim Salar.

    While Wishing one and all Eid Mubarak in advance, Mr. Salar says that this Eid will remain memorable to all of us, due to the present critical situation. We cannot feel really happy, when others out there are battling with Corona.

    Meanwhile, we shall offer Eid Namaz with our family at home and avoid all the possible ways to step out of the house. The one purpose of celebrating Eid is to bring happiness in everyone around us.

    News Edit by K. V. Raman



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