Home Central Mumbai : Mumbai actor Sushant singh attends discussion talk on Pressing Issues Facing India.At Haj house

Mumbai : Mumbai actor Sushant singh attends discussion talk on Pressing Issues Facing India.At Haj house

Mumbai : Mumbai actor Sushant singh attends discussion talk on Pressing Issues Facing India.At Haj house

Members of civil society and educated youth must go to villages to counter RSS agenda

MUMBAI, DHNS: Actor and TV presenter Sushant Singh said that members of civil society and educated youth must go to villages to counter the RSS agenda.
“We have to remove communalism out of the Indian fabric,” the actor said amid thunderous applause.
According to him, the thorough sustained campaign we may be able to put an end to CAA-NRC but the threat of communalism remains. “The goal is to counter the RSS agenda and it is possible through sustained resistance against divisive politics,” he added.
Brief details of the Talk :

Lets discuss real issues, say opinion makers

MUMBAI: Real issues facing India seems to on the backburner as the Asian giant and future superpower reel under the worst economic crisis.
The communal and castist faultlines are clearly visible even as crime against women are on rise and law and order situation deteriorates.
The CAA-NRC has diverted the attention from real issues, feel experts, intellectuals, opinion makers and scholars.
At an impressive gathering at the Haj House on Sunday, an eminent panel chose to speak out on the real issues facing the country at a discussion on “Pressing Issues Facing India: Responsibilities of Conscientious Citizens’, organised by a collective, Hum Honge Kaamyaab, in association with Urdu Markaz.
Eminent Journalist Faye Dsouza, Vice Chancellor and Constitutional expert Faizan Mustafa, revered educationist Father Fraser Mascarenhas, eminent scholar Prof Ram Punyani and popular actor and TV presenter Sushant Singh, were among the speakers.
“India is an example of the most plural society in recent history. It has been the cradle of human civilization and a leader in spiritual thought. We all once pledged to uphold a unique Constitution perhaps the most progressive human experiment considering the diversity of the Indian sub continent and the conditions prevailing at the time of independence,” the organisers said in a statement.
The speakers said issues like economy, poverty, farmer suicides, unemployment, deteriorating law and order situation, corruption, worsening of the social fabric, women’s safety, nutrition, education does not figure in the political discourse.
Prof Punyani said while BJP was telling us that primary problem of Muslim women is Triple talaq, the Muslim women led movements has articulated that primary problem is the very threat to Muslim community.
All other communities, cutting across religious lines, those below poverty line, those landless and shelter less people also see that if the citizenship of Muslims can be threatened because of lack of some papers, they will be not far behind in the victimization process being unleashed by this Government.
“While CAA-NRC has acted as the precipitating factor, the policies of Modi regime, starting from failure to fulfil the tall promises of bringing back black money, the cruel impact of demonetisation, the rising process of commodities, the rising unemployment, the divisive policies of the ruling dispensation are the base on which these protest movements are standing. The spread of the protest movement, spontaneous but having similar message is remarkable. Shaheen Bagh is no more just a physical space; it’s a symbol of resistance against the divisive policies, against the policies which are increasing the sufferings of poor workers, the farmers and the average sections of society,” he said.
According to him, what is clear is that as identity issues, emotive issues like Ram Temple, Cow Beef, Love Jihad and Ghar Wapasi aimed to divide the society, Shaheen Bagh is uniting the society like never before.
Expressing concern over state of economy, Father Mascarenhas said: “Economy is in serious crisis.We should work for a united progressive nation.”
Prof Mustafa said people now believe in the ideals of the Constitution. “If there is no constitutionalism, constitution is meaningless. Fundamental rights are there to control the state,” he added.
In his address, Singh said that love is the only answer of hatred. “We need to hear the voice of the people,” he added.
Faye Dsouza said that real economic issues like inflation and price rise cannot be ignored.

Actor Sushant Singh honours at Function ,Haj house in South Mumbai.



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