Mumbai: Mumbai Indo-Canada businessman Hemant M Shah lashes out at BJP Congress over political fiasco in Rajasthan

Mumbai: Mumbai  Indo-Canada businessman Hemant M Shah lashes out at BJP Congress over political fiasco in Rajasthan
File picture of Hemant M Shah.

:Mumbai: Indo-Canada businessman Hemant M Shah lashes out at BJP Congress over political fiasco in Rajasthan

File Picture : Hemant M Shah with Prime Minister Narendar Modi in Canada.(When he was Gujrat CM) .

Hemant M Shah, states to Hello Mumbai free-wheeling says “we have as of today, in India itself, have more than 8 lakhs Covid-19 pandemic cases. The entire world and India are rattled over the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and in a disturbed state of mind. The Common man is trying to survive amid the pandemic with the economy crisis.

He asks, is the game of Politics need to be played? Be it any party Congress or BJP, they need to learn to consider the plight of a common man and his dire needs in this Pandemic situation

He asserts “in every two to three months, I have been observing the attitude of the Congress and the BJP. Maybe, tomorrow, some new party may emerge ain’t looking at the roots of the issue. The issue being faced by the country has to be eradicated from its very root- that means a solution to clear the issue forever.

Similarly, the party only seem to be looking at the issue not working how to eradicate it from it’s root. The Leader’s who reside in Delhi need to know, that the young youth are the Future Leaders of India. No doubt, I do respect all the old senior leaders. To be very honest and frankly speaking I don’t feel that the country will ever succeed or prosper under the regime of the old leaders. It’s of no use for a politician to occupy the chair and retain it.

Sachin Pilot young and Dynamic leader
Father:was ( Rajesh Pilot Senior Congress Leader)

Madhya Pradesh youth and dynamic politician Jyoti raj Scindia . Father Madhavrao Scindia ,**(Royal FAmily)

Milind Deora ( Son of late Senior congress leader Murli Deora
Priya Dutt, Daughter of  late (Sunil Dutt)

{These are the few Senior Congress Leaders, who let the youth shoulder the responsibilities of the country. Not only their parents, but they too earned a name and fame in the history of politics.}

The Congress Political Party need to realise that Gandhi faces are not the only the face of Congress. There are many that have not been known due to the dominance.

“I plead to you to grant the youth to make them better leaders of tomorrow. They will be well known in their region and have a good command. Let me be more honest, it will only be the youth who will be able to shoulder the responsibilities of the country if granted to do so.

He further says, in the story of Mahabharata, Abimanyu (the son of moon God) fought at the age of 16 and took his last breath, at-least he fought and knew. It isn’t necessary that you learn everything as you enter in the world, step by step, day by day you learn. Likewise the youth shall also learn Politics slowly and gradually.

If I talk about the History of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, at initially, they too didn’t have a great control on politics. They learnt it through time. Our youth shall commit mistakes initially. They need to be given a chance atleast to commit a mistake so that they learn from it. The Political Parties need to be aware that now politics shouldn’t be run by them but the youth as they will come out with new ways of the problems and with fresh and new ideas”.

” I request the youth to stand up and question the Parties to entrust them with the gfrights to command. They are with fresh and new minds with intelligent thinking that will make India a better Country with new Schemes and up-liftment.

Hemant Shah further stated “the above-mentioned comment are being let known from the core of my heart. I have observed this and always wanted to talk about it and today, it affords me an opportunity to describe the situation.

“My parent’s my Mom and Dad were fighters – my father and Mother used go for Prabhat Feri(Boycott British Textile) in the mornings.. My parents Supported Fincialy Motivated Street Theater for independence movement . It’s not necessary that ‘Raja ka Beta Raja Banega’ (Give chance to other youth,Not only Gandhi and Nehru Family). You need to be conscious on and how the people are facing and help them to ease their burden. Though I am far away from India- across the seven seas, yet I feel the pain and pulse of the normal people.

This present critical situation is not only happening with a single Political party, we need to be awake to know what wrong happenings and how to bring about a drastic change.

Wise youth of India, stand and raise your voices for a better India. Question your leaders and let them know that you are aware of what is happening around you.

Wake up the Youth of Tomorrow”,

India Needs You.

Courtesy: Hemant M Shah


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