Home Eastern Mumbai : Mumbai ‘Karuna Seva Group amid lockdown lows, delivers food and sparking relief to poor and needy people, read detailed story here

Mumbai : Mumbai ‘Karuna Seva Group amid lockdown lows, delivers food and sparking relief to poor and needy people, read detailed story here

Mumbai : Mumbai ‘Karuna Seva Group amid lockdown lows, delivers food and sparking relief to poor and needy people, read detailed story here
Picture of Food packets.
Picture of food preparation.

Amid lockdown lows, ‘Karuna Seva’ delivers food & sparkling relief!
– Ajit Ramachanddran
MUMBAI: Hungry bellies, parched throats and sinking spirits. Even as the lockdown stealthily continues to thrash their collective Morales, their anxious eyes stare ahead in anticipation.
And as ‘Karuna Seva’ vans and vehicles swerve into their environs, visible joy washes across the visages of the migrant workers and other underprivileged unfortunates who have been mercilessly stranded without basic essentials in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Spanning locations from Bandra to Borivali in suburban Mumbai, the drive has arched its altruistic wings to Thane, Kalwa and Mumbra too. Furthermore, steady progress has gladdened the hearts of ‘Karuna Seva’ volunteers, as the volume of victuals continues to rise markedly.
‘Karuna Seva’ – a clutch of selfless good Smaritans – have been extending yeoman service to these severely needy classes by reaching food packets, bottled water and more to areas in suburban Mumbai.
Shedding light on how the charitable enterprise birthed, Krutarth Goradia states that it all crystallised on the auspicious date of April 14, 2020.” It was a day when festivals were being celebrated across different states in our country,” he says, “And on that very date I learnt of the plight of the migrant workers who were stranded cruelly without food or water! My heart went out to them…and within an hour after discussing the idea of distributing food to them with Uday Chandarana, ‘Karuna Seva’ had taken shape. Of course, many of the volunteers had to fight with their family members to support this cause, because we were all putting ourselves at a health risk. But once they understood our standpoint and the magnitude of the cause that we had undertaken, they supported us whole- heartedly. I am proud of every single one of my volunteers and their families for standing up for this initiative.”
Krutarth Goradia, who spearheaded the initiative alongside Uday S Chandarana exults, “First off, I decided that we would supply home-cooked, hygienic food. On the very first day, we managed to collect 225 food packets. By the first week, the figure had reached 2,500 and today, I am proud to say that we have clocked a figure of 5000++ food packets per day. We supply these food packets, bottled water and tetra pack drinks daily between 10. 30 AM to 3 PM and 7 PM to 8.30 PM. Karuna Seva also sends daily 2000++ soup to cops between Andheri to Borivali as well. We also give out milk packs for children between 1 to 4 years.
We have 3 WhatsApp groups and a web link lockdownpledge.in where donors can put in requests for home cooked meal pickups and the same is collected by KarunaSeva Warriors. The webpage has helped in managing the data flow seamlessly to and thus food is collected meticulously and immediately distributed to slums where the underprivileged and migrants who don’t even have cooking facilities or means to procure the groceries.
Uday Chandarana outlines his viewpoint rather philosophically stating, “Nature always gives to those who have the heart to come forward for a noble cause, when needed.”
It is rightly said by Ketan Dattani “Serve our City this is the time, Lockdown has got extended and many on the streets are looking forward for a meal and we at Karuna Seva are doing our bit”
Sharing his stance, Devang Mehta, another team member says, “God has been kind to show us a way to become a bridge between the able and the needy.”
“No one has ever or will become poor by giving or donating instead will become rich with emotions and satisfaction. Also it is rightfully said that, We make a living by what we earn and get but we make a life by what we give and donate.” Says Bima Manek.
One of our main group of donors who collectively give us 800 meals daily said “We have opened our purses as we are assured that the food is going directly in the stomach of the hungry”
Apart from contributing by way of home cooked food, support in terms of monetary benefits has also been commendable. “We have collected close to a lakh of rupees,” reveals Krutarth Goradia, “Much of that money goes in purchasing disposable containers that we pack the food items that we receive and then deliver it. As a privileged class, I’m happy that we are getting an opportunity to help the underprivileged.”
Tarun Kumar, a painter who originally hails from U.P. partakes of the food daily. Beaming broadly he states, “I’m very pleased with the good quality food that ‘Karuna Seva’ is delivering to us every day. I do not think there is anything more that we can ask for. We are truly grateful for their service and goodness.”
Mr Mendes of Santacruz East an elderly gentleman and his wife say that they are now depending for their meals on the services of Karuna Seva.
Meanwhile, a gentleman who is also doing his bit by contributing food, wished to go unnamed but said, “I also give food to these people. But I must say that the food that ‘Karuna Seva’ brings to these is very good, of A-1 quality. I must say that they are doing a fantastic job of it all.”
A succinct quote from Rohitesh Haldar, a feisty ‘ Karuna Seva’ member echoes that sentiment amply. “It is a privilege to be a channel for fructifying good deeds in our community,” he says, “I feel grateful that I am of use as a medium in contributing towards such a noble cause.”
The recipients of this benevolence are pleased as punch. Gushes one of them on grounds of anonymity, “Since it is the month of Ramzan, some other people also give us food. But nothing compares to the food that these great volunteers bring for us. As it is home cooked”
The success of ‘Karuna Seva’ has served to whet the altruistic ambitions of Goradia.”I want to do more, help out more people,” he asserts smilingly, “I think our Twitter handle sums it up perfectly…#NOONESLEEPSHUNGRY…and I’m hoping to achieve that goal.”
Krutarth Goradia, Uday Chandarana, Vipin Kolhi, Bimal Manek, Rohitesh Haldar, Rakesh Chawla, Heman Shah, Ketan Dattani, Riyana, Ashish Honaver, Mukesh Rohera, Devang Mehta, Sanjay Ravool, Jitendra Tank, Rakesh Nayyar, Harash Shah, Jitendra Mishra, Jitesh Mehta, Ramesh, Murugan, Selvaraj, Deepak, Rajendra.
We at Karuna Seva would like to thank Roti Bank and Samarpan for providing Rotis and Khichdi and other Kitchens like Stove, Fusion Foods, Ghangor, Baker & Co., 90feet Above and other independent Cooks like Ratan Maharaj, Kanak Maharaj and Jigar Thakkar who are cooking daily for donors who are unable to cook at home due to no domestic help in the times of Covid-19. Celebrity Donors like Chef Ruchi Bharaini, Sarita Madhavan, Fatima Sana sheikh, Designer Anita Dongre, Khusboo Gerwal and Ritu of the Mtv unplugged fame have also shared the idea and the cause behind it.
Special Thanks to Mr. Harish Goswami Senior in-charge Goregaon West Police and PSI Bandgar at Santacruz Police Station for their unconditional support.
Any home-cooked food items that are healthy, hygienic and nutritious such as: Upma, poha, biryani, masala khichdi, masala pulao, sandwiches, thepla, vada pav, french fries, puri bhaji, sheera puri, sabzi roti, etc. in addition to fruits and biscuits. All food-items are to be hygienically packed in aluminum foil, cling wrap, newspaper, etc.
Bottled water, tetra packs of milk / juices, chaas, etc.
Delivery of food: Every day between 10.30 AM to 3 PM and 7 PM to 8.30 PM.
Collection: Every day before 11.30 AM; number of food packets to be intimated a day before 10.30 PM.
Suburban Mumbai: Bandra to Borivali; Thane, Kalwa and Mumbra too.
Go on, take that leap of faith. And charity. Contribute your mite to their might.
Register at: LockDownPledge.in to donate meal.


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