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Mumbai: Mumbai lion  Hemant sethia elected 2nd vice district Governor of lions club district 3231, A3, Shared his view with Hello Mumbai News




News Report by Amreen Shaikh

Mumbai: Lions Club of District 3231A3 newly elected 2nd Vice-District Governor Lion Hemant Sethia shares his views on being elected in the recently held Elections with Hello Mumbai News reporter Amreen Shaikh

Mumbai Lions Club of District 3231A3 held its elections recently. Hello Mumbai reporter Amreen Shaikh took the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the newly elected 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Hemant Sethia.

Speaking to Amreen over a phone call, Mr. Hemant Sethia discussed on his moments during the elections and says that he is so grateful for the platform he has got by winning the elections. He mentions that the implementation of his plans and dreams seems more likely to succeed.
Expressing his love towards Lions Club he asserted “There’s no individual credit for it. I would thank all the lions who’ve been together as a team and bring out their best in all the ways possible. The credit goes to all the lions out there, constantly supporting and encouraging me in my journey of 30 years dedicated to the Lions Club at all the levels with every member.” added Mr. Sethia.

On his future plans, he said “This situation has all the vital importance to be focused on, so my only plan is to work towards this noble and deserving cause present right in front of us. We don’t know what will be the situation after 2 years from now. For now, in terms of future planning, I only encourage to plan the provisions of Medical, Educations and Skill development facilities.”

Needless to mention Lions District 3231A3 Members came forward to help labour class people and poor migrants with food and essential items amid lockdown. They provided meals to 1500-2000 people on daily basis continuously for 3 week

Notably, Lions District Administration under the initiative of DG Lion Dr. Ajeet Jain, has supplied PPE Kits, Masks, Sanitiser liquid to the office of Tahsildar, Vasai, as well as Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation Health Department which was well appreciated and duly acknowledged by Tahsildar Survase Ji and Mayor Shri Pravin Shetty Ji. They also conducted Medical Check-up camp for staff at Tahsildar office and Vasai Gaon(village) and Manickpur Police Station.

They intend to continue this screening to all policemen and administration staff thereby adhering to Lions International slogan of:


They also organized a project called ‘ANAAJ DAAN’ Remarkably, the organisation has distributed PPE KITS, M95 Masks, Sterile Gloves, 3PLY Masks & Sanitisers worth Rs 17 Lakhs at Various Government Hospitals like Cooper, Shatabdi, Kurla Bhabha, KEM, VVCMC Hospitals, Palghar DHO and many more hospitals.

Talking on his priorities, Mr. Hemant Sethia elucidated that the Governor’s priority is his priority. Working under the project, organized by the governor and bringing out the best in it, is the only priority for Mr. Sethia.

Mr. Sethia further appeals that social distancing is a must and all precautions required is to be taken. No fear of Coronavirus

Charity project done by  lion Hemant Sethia during lockdown

, we should fight it.

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