Home International Mumbai : Mumbai Origin Indo Canadian Jain Family Observes Paryushan in Winnipeg Canada During Corona Pandemic

Mumbai : Mumbai Origin Indo Canadian Jain Family Observes Paryushan in Winnipeg Canada During Corona Pandemic

Mumbai : Mumbai Origin Indo Canadian Jain Family Observes Paryushan in Winnipeg Canada During Corona Pandemic

Mr. Hemant.M.Shah / Heena Shah Indo-Canadian Bizman, shares his devotional side and experience of Paryushan with Hello Mumbai News, reported Ashmita Chhabria.

Amid Covid-19 induced lockdown, all festivals are being celebrated in a different environment and on digital media, a new media through which people will meet, greet and celebrate festivals through video calls.
One of the divine festival resembling Culture and Tradition is Paryushan.

Paryushan is a holy festival of the Jain Community. Jain Sushraavak Shri. Hemant Shah and Sushraavika Smt. Hina Shah, Citizens of Canada, are soon to complete their 3rd and 4th Atthai Tap (consecutive fasts of 8 days) respectively, in this highly auspicious Jain festival of Paryushan.

Hemant Bhai Shah was born to a Jain family, but he realized the true meaning and understanding of Jain philosophy under Gachchadhipati Acharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji M. S. (Pandit Maharaj Sahebji).

A businessman, who retired at the age of 64, hadn’t even followed the basic principle of Chauvihar till the age of 58. It is only after he heard Pandit Maharaj Sahebji in Palitana, that he found a new perspective to life. His wife, Hina Shah too, served in the Health Care System at the Victoria Hospital (Govt of Manitoba) and later retired at the age of 62.

Today, both husband and wife are following the path of Jain principles under the guidance and blessings of Pandit Maharaj Sahebji.

Both Hemant Bhai and his wife Hina Shah visit India to celebrate Paryushan under the auspicious umbrella of Gachchadhipati Acharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji.

File picture of Hemant M Shah.

In conversation with Hello Mumbai News Reporter Ashmita Chhabria Mr. Shah states, “It’s a different environment at Derasar. (An open ground-like place where rituals are performed) In the morning Gachchadhipati Acharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji conducts Vachana Shreeni (Lecture) and in the evening performs a Pratikarma called Swadhya and that’s the way we enjoy Paryushan in India.”

Every year they visit India during Paryushan, but this year they are unable to visit and hence are performing all the rituals in Canada itself.
When quizzed about difference between a normal day’s celebration and celebration amid lockdown which we call as new normal he said that, COVID-19 has created a lot of difference. All the festivals of all the religions are being celebrated online, on digital media.

He further added, “we have seen a lot of Jain Rituals online. But, there is an organization called JYOT running under the auspicious umbrella Gachchadhipati Acharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji who has launched an app called JYOT. In the app vachana (Lecture) given by Gachchadhipati Acharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji last year has been recorded, but it’s in the voice of Guru Sharvak. Guru dev himself cannot give his voice because of his jain commandments & principles. The Guru Sharvak has heard the whole lecture himself and then recorded. He has done a splendid job. I want to congratulate them for their work. This is the way we are connected with guru dev ji and seek his blessings” mentioned Hemant Bhai.

When Hina Shah was quizzed on how they celebrate this holy fest, she said that now they are in Winnipeg, Canada. In Winnipeg they have a small Jain Community comprising 25-30 families. Everyday they are conducting Bhakti Bhavna online. A very senior person from Mumbai, Mrs. Hasumati Shah at the age of 90, is very active and she motivates them. Physician Dr. Bharat Shah and Mr. Jitu Dhruve and Mrs. Jaishree Dhruve and the Dhruve Family motivate the entire Jain Winnipeg Community.

Mr. Shah also thanked Dhruve family for their help during Paryushan in Jain Aachar by saying “Anumodana to Dhruve Family.”

About Michhami Dukkham, Mrs. Hina Shah mentioned that the last day will be celebrated on 22nd August 2020 Saturday when Mr. Shah and family will be doing a 3 hour long Pratikarma and on 23rd August 2020 Sunday, they will complete Atthai. Jain fasting is very arduous. Between 8:00 Am – 6:00 pm you can only have water and past 6 pm you cannot have water.

The Shahs were away from India but through JYOT app and with all the motivation of Winnipeg Jain Community they feel blessed and motivated and were able to survive fast. They feel blessed with the blessing of Gachchadhipati Acharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji.

Mr. Shah further states that Micchami Dukkham is a very big day for them and quoted “We ask for forgiveness for all our sins. It means if I have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly so please forgive me and let’s move on. One cleans his soul by this and starts a new start.”

When Ashmita asked him about how they will be celebrating this day Mr. Shah said that they will be celebrating with their family and community by elaborating that the celebration will be with their sons, daughter-in-laws, grand children and amidst the entire Jain Group of Winnipeg by maintaining all social distancing norms. It is a big day for us because we are going to eat after fasting for 8 days. Hence it is called as ‘PARNU.’ Parnu is important because after 8 days you will be having full meal. No doubt, though miles away from India doing Paryushan for the first time we will miss India. Nevertheless, our Guru Dev and our Jain Community here have showered us with their blessings so we won’t fail.”

News Report by: Ashmita Chhabria

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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