Home Western Mumbai : Mumbai RPI leader Mr. Navin Lade (Chief Promoter) Pledges to make society corona free,see Pictures here

Mumbai : Mumbai RPI leader Mr. Navin Lade (Chief Promoter) Pledges to make society corona free,see Pictures here

Mumbai : Mumbai RPI leader Mr. Navin Lade (Chief Promoter) Pledges to make society corona free,see Pictures here
Sensitization work by Prakashwadi society member in Andheri East .

*Strong Determination by Mr. Navin Lade (Chief Promoter) to make society corona free*

*On behalf of Prakashwadi Kamabaug Co-operative Housing Society (A-Wing) Andheri (East)

*A 40 -day lockdown plan for daily activities to make Prakashwadi Kamabaug Co-operative Housing Society (A-Wing) Corona free society*
*A plan by Society in the wake of extension of Lockdown till 3rd May 2020*
*Sanitation campaign under “Go Corona Go ” Aspee Duo Electro Two in One Battery Sprayer Machine brought by Society.*

*Spraying of sodium hypo chloride solution and Sprinkling of red bleaching powder brought from K-East Ward of BMC*

*While promising that Prakashwadi Kamabaug Co-operative Housing Society would make this society a “Corona-free society”, even though the Corona patient was found positive within the Govind Nagar Society, within a distance of 5 meters, the Chief Promoter Navin R. lade launched a lock-up and sanitation campaign. He expressed the belief that it will continue till 3rd May 2020 and beyond if lockdown extended. The mission has been strongly supported and responded by the members of the Society. Decorations, potted plants, extra furniture outside the flats in passage etc. have been removed and banners, lighting, waste thrown by the developer at the back of the building are being removed by the labour force and disinfectant spraying is being done there daily with this machine, the ground floor of the building is 15 storeys high In addition to spraying of sodium hypo chloride solution as well as sprinkling of red powder brought from by the (K-East) Municipality Department, in addition to the corona virus Sanitization campaign conducted by Sai Vighneshwar Mitra Mandal, Marol Navpada, And the area of the fire tank, the area behind the building, as well as from Ground floor to 15th floor, water tank, staircase, duct, windows, net window frame of passage , floor and door of every flat, pipe line etc. The campaign “Go Corona Go ” has been implemented by Panchshil Seva Sangh (Regd.) and Prakashwadi Kamabaug Griha Sanstha (A-Wing). While imparting hygiene lessons under Sanitation Week. In addition to distributing pamphlets giving information about Covid-19 precautions , posters have been put on notice board. Also (K East) Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is spraying rats, flies, insects, mosquitoes, repellent and fogging twice in a week and also fogging done by private agency. The ground floor to 15th floor stairs case, passage, water tank etc. of the building are washed with water also sanitizing bicycles, motorcycles, rickshaws and four-wheeler parked in front of the society and the road and surrounding area in front of the society. Under this caution taken by the society, the society has banned the entry of Hawkers, courier, food parcel, paavwala and outside persons. Similarly, the elevator of the building will be closed from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm Special precautions have been taken to keep the residents occupied in the house without having to move out from 1 pm to 5 pm is . The society managing committee is responsible for taking precautionary measures against corona virus through pamphlets , not to leave chairs in the passage, to instruct not to play Pub G and other mobile games, carrom, housie, cricket on mobiles in the passage and to take legal action against anyone found guilty of such misconduct. Instructions have been given and given through the society managing committee. These instructions are being strictly followed by the flat owners. 150 kg of rice and 15 kg of pulses received from corporator Sandeep Naik have been distributed to the flat holders of the society. 50 kg of pulses are being purchased and distributed to the flat holders on behalf of the society 100 packets of food provided by BMC , Corporator and MIDC police station is distributed to needy people. In order to keep the building safe from the growing outbreak of Corona virus, all the residents of the society obeyed the announcement of Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi to Switch of light of the residence the building by lighting lamps, candles and lanterns on the door and balcony of the building. Each society residents is helping by giving patience to each other without fear in this time of pandemic.*
*During the program “Go Corona Go “, Bharat Panchal, a member of the society, lit a Mashaal (Fire Torch) , Rajkumar Singh and Ballu Singh dressed in different costumes and chanted the slogan of liberation of the Covid-19 Pandemic . All the members of the society participated in the event maintain social distancing . At this time, “Go Corona Go” is decorated with electric lighting Hemant Rathod, Bharat Panchal, Makrand Aware, Rajkumar Singh, Manoj Mishra, Manoj Panchal, Umesh Singh, Yogesh Thakkar, Ravi Mandhre, Ajay Upadhyay, Ramesh Parate , Mangesh Shedge, Sukhdev Rawool, Balkrishna Wadkar and Ballu Singh were present on the ground floor of the building ..


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