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Mumbai : Mumbai Shiv Sena Corporator, Shrikant Govind Shetye from Ward 155, Chembur, sent 1382 migrants back to their native land

Mumbai : Mumbai Shiv Sena Corporator, Shrikant Govind Shetye from Ward 155, Chembur, sent 1382 migrants back to their native land
Pics of corporator flag off migrants train

News Report by Ashmita chhabria

Mumbai: As COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading widely, citizens are suffering a lot. India is under complete Lockdown. Government and ruling parties are in a stressed state. Shiv Sena Corporator Shrikant Govind Shetye is happy to serve citizens.

Interacting with Hello Mumbai News, over phone and sharing his experience and work carried out by him and his party, he said; “I have around 48-50 cases under my area. Some died, some recovered and some are still hospitalized. We do sanitize each and every nook and corner of our area.

To fight against corona, we have formed a samithi called CORONA NIRMOLAN SAMITHI. Daily 50 members of samithi volunteer and guide people to deal with the crisis.

Shiv Sena is for the welfare of the citizens. Main motive of Shiv Sena is to help people. I was facing a major problem. The people who lost their houses in road winding at Andheri, Powai areas had shifted to Mahul Gaon Area Chembur, were facing difficulty to buy groceries due to lockdown. So, we started a grocery store at that region so that people staying there can easily buy groceries. People too supported us very well in this cause.

Donation of groceries is always on. Either it’s provided by BMC or from any NGO. We do face many challenges, but nothing is possible without facing challenges. No one is 100% satisfied no matter what big post one is holding and working, one is never 100% satisfied.

Some people are upset and have a political view. So if the opposition party does anything they compare us, and complain. The main challenge that the opposition party says, “What is the Corporator doing ?” He should do this, he should do that, for people, but they themselves don’t know how to perform their own jobs. They just watch some or the other news on TV, and open their big mouths. But one who is working on field practically, he only knows better how to deal with the situation. Opposition just plays blame game and do not understand the problem.
I am   bit upset with the work by the administration. The way they perform their duties is not right. They work as per their choice and do not consider our opinions but this is not right time to talk about this with them. For now the most important thing is to help people – All grocery stores, medicals are open and essential items are available. We are trying our level best to provide everything and help public. People should maintain social distance and they should step out to buy stuff on the provided time schedules only. People here are very obedient they do follow the rules and understand that they are made for their betterment. Vegetable market is from morning to mid-noon. Medical shops and all emergency services are working 24 by 7.

Am from Shiv Sena and they do support me. I am their party’s Nagar Sewak. Whatever difficulties I face my higher authorities do help me out. The one who is working will have to face many difficulties but he should face them all and work happily. I am very happy to serve people.”

Further he also shared that, “We shifted 1382 Migrant Workers to their native place. We sent a train to Odisha full of migrants 4 days back with the help of Mr. Rahul Shewale.

These migrants used to work in BPCL HPCL and other such companies. All their complaints and requests were listed at the RCF Police Station. DCP Sashikumar Meena, our ACP Shrikant Desai Senior Police Officer Niagot and me, we all made the arrangements and organized a train heading to Odisha and sent all the workers back to their home-land.

This was possible only in 3rd lockdown. During 1st and 2nd lockdown we provided them food and BMC provided them everything.

Every work is challenging and we feel happy to serve and help citizens as much as possible. Under current circumstances it is not easy to work, but we handle everything calmly. No matter what, we have accepted this responsibility so we have to do it willingly.

I have only one message for people, “Whatever orders are given by the Government, , Please do follow them. We can end this Virus only by STAYING IN QUARANTINE. This Chain should break and not increase.

So this is how Mr. Shrikant Govind Shetye happily works for our welfare, as he sent the migrants back to their homeland and is also satisfied with government’s performance.

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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