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Mumbai : Mumbaikar may lose four and half acre playground due to ignorance of BMC

Mumbai : Mumbaikar may lose four and half acre playground due to ignorance of BMC
Third party image from Google search.
Third party image from Google search.

Mumbaikar may lose four and half acre playground due to ignorance of BMC

Mumbai: – Borivalikar may soon lose their four and half acre play ground in Borivali East due to lackadaisical approach of the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) to acquiring it. Shivananda Shetty, ex-corporator from Borivali has alleged that since last 14 years BMC has failed to acquire land which is claimed by a private entity.
Shetty who usually raises Public interest issues said that the owners of the plot CTS no.177, 177/1, 177/2, 177/3 of village Magathane at Borivali east, M/s. Garden Securities & properties LLP, had served the purchase notice on BMC and the State Govt. in October 2004, under section 127 of the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, 1966. The BMC and the Govt. failed to take necessary steps to acquire the said land since last 14 years and as such the reservation on the said land was lapsed.
The government in the year 2008 had however clarified that though the reservation from the said land had lapsed as per the Supreme Court’s judgment on land acquisition, BMC still could acquired the land as per provisions in Land Acquisition Act, if the said reservation is required by BMC. Hence, for name sake, BMC had submitted the fresh proposal to the collector’s office in the year 2012 to acquire the land under section 4 & 6 of the land Acquisition Act, 1894 along with under section 91 of MMC Act, 1888. The section 4 of the old L.A Act is related to the lands having no reservation for any public purpose. Thus BMC had then agreed that there is no reservation on the land but still willing to acquire the land.
The collector’s office had returned back the proposal without taking any action in May 2017 and had asked BMC to submit the same as per new land acquisition act 2014 since the old land acquisition act 1894 is no more existing. The BMC officers are however now avoiding to take any concrete actions on the acquisition proposal.
It is a typical case of negligence and procedural delay on the part of collector office and BMC where the plot could not be acquired even after more than 14 years from the date of Purchase Notice. Now if the corporation needs the land, it has to acquire the land as per the clauses of the new land acquisition act, 2014.
Mr. Shetty said that “In the rapid urbanization scenario where the city is lacking green space and open space, the BMC and the public in Borivali is losing the green land due to the procedural delay on the part of BMC.”
“The Borivali east area is fast developing with high population density and is already lacking of open spaces. To let the land go out of the hands having such a large area is injustice to the honest tax payer citizens of the area. This is really high time that the authorities shall take actions to allow the plot be made available to residents on immediate basis.” Mr. Shetty, said further.
The local resident and activist Shri. Nandkumar More said,” The playground is the need of this region and BMC and Collector are only sending letters to each other and not taking any decision for developing the playground.”
According to report of the Town Planning Officer who has formulated the DP2034, this plot is a part of Sub-city Park. Also, as per Report published by BMC on DP2034, total requirement of Open Spaces for R/Central ward where the said plot situated is 230 hactors and there is still deficit of 63 hectors in the ward to achieve the target. Now, it is in the purview of BMC whether to take quick actions to acquire the plot for the benefit of the public or to lose the plot permanently in the hands of developers.


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