Home Bollywood MUMBAI : Mumbai’s 3 Famous DONS and their bollywood girlfriends .details here

MUMBAI : Mumbai’s 3 Famous DONS and their bollywood girlfriends .details here

MUMBAI : Mumbai’s 3 Famous DONS and their bollywood girlfriends .details here

Mumbai Bollywood girl friends of three infamous  Dons – three Dons languishing in Mumbai Jails

It is a well-known fact that Bollywood and the Underworld had scandalous connections  with the heroines.  Many a times when a  Bollywood actress’s heart goes out to a Don, there has been instances that the Don gets mesmerized or enchanted with the beauty and the body language of the actress.  Hello Mumbai News enlightens about those Dons and their scandalous connections with Bollywood actresses.

Haji Mastan Mirza: He fell for Madhubala’s beauty that he wanted to get married to her and their affair continued from 1984-1994. But when the time came to get married, Madhubala passed away. Then came Sona, Madhubala looklike in Haji Mastan’s life.  Haji Mastan Mirza is no more.

Abu Salem: He had a crush on Bollywood actress Monika Bedi and got her plum film assignments through his connections with  Bollywood Filmmakers. Pathetically Abu Salem got arrested in murder cases and was remanded to Judicial custody. He is at present lodged in Arthur Road Prison.

Dawood Ibrahim: He had an intense connections with Bollywood actors and filmmakers and has financed many films. He had  a scandalous relations with Mandakini and he had introduced her to the Showman of Bollywood Raj Kapoor who was at that time making “Ram Teri Ganga Maili”.He out pressure on Raj Kapoor to cast her in the film. Now Mandakini is leading a modest life with the fugitive Don Ibrahim out of the country escaping from being arrested and jailed.

News Input by: K.V.Raman

File Picture of Under world don Abu Salem with Actress Monica Bedi From Google search.
File Picture of Late Haji Mastan Mirza with Late Sona Madhubala lookslike.


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