Home Central Mumbai NCB busts Drug Factory in Dombivli, Drug Suppliers Javed Jahangir and Arshad Sheikh arrested

Mumbai NCB busts Drug Factory in Dombivli, Drug Suppliers Javed Jahangir and Arshad Sheikh arrested

Mumbai NCB busts Drug Factory in Dombivli, Drug Suppliers Javed Jahangir and Arshad Sheikh arrested

NCB busts drug factory in Dombivali.

An Exclusive pic of the raid.

With an upsurge in Drug Trafficking and Drug Suppliers, NCB Mumbai in a bid to crackdown on such dubious Drug Traffickers and Drug Suppliers, have been making continuous raids

In their recent crackdown, on 15th April, they launched 02 operations in various places of Mumbai.

In these operations, NCB Mumbai intercepted 03 (including one African) persons at various locations and seized more than 01 kg of Hydroponic cannabis, 30 grams cocaine. Subsequently, they identified and dismantled an indoor unit for growing of Hydroponic Cannabis.

Interrogation in the said cases is underway.

*Operation– 01:*
In the course of interrogation of accused persons arrested in case booked on 12.04 2021, it came to light that it was in a Mumbai Suburban, that cultivation of Cannabis was being operated by Javed Jahangir Sheikh and Arshad Khatri. Both suspects on questioning disclosed the location. as Pallava City, a 2BHK house in Dombivli. The building has since been sealed as Cannabis was being cultivated there through Hydroponic techniques. From the site NCB Mumbai recovered cultivation setup, PH regulators, plant nutrients, clay pebbles , water pumps, air circulation systems, CO2 gas cylinders, photosynthesis lighting systems etc. This indoor facility was being operated in the house of Rehan Khan who is in Saudi Arabia and financing all this activity. While Arshad is an expert in Hydroponic cultivation, Javed used to manage distribution of Harvest. They we procuring seeds from Amsterdam and Netherlands through Dark web. The yield was sold to medium sized peddlers of Mumbai and Pune at the rate of 2500/- per gram on retail basis.

Notably, Hydroponic weed is highly consumed in high society parties and rich people. The term Hydroponic Weed is referred to Cannabis grown without soil. This approach gives Cannabis grower full control over plant and which can produce reliable and faster harvest. The sale purchase was done in cash and crypto currencies like Bitcoins. The domestic supply orders and contact with retail customers was being done through social media apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

NCB Mumbai is further investigating the entire network and connection with wanted Sahil Flacko also.

Operations – 02:

On a tip-off and raid, NCB Mumbai, seized 30 gram of Cocaine and intercepted 01 African Onurah Samuel Mike. During interrogation it came to light that one Nigerian Celestian is a frequent visitor to Mumbai and carries Cocaine each time. Celestian had given him 50 capsule (500 grams) during his last visit. Mike used to sell this Cocaine in Andheri, Bandra, Santacruz areas of Mumbai.

News Source: Sameer Wankhede,
(IRS) Zonal Director, NCB, Mumbai

News Edit by: K.V.Raman


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