Mumbai Ncp came in support of Gurmehar Kaur, protests against ABVP


    By Aleem shaikh :
    A 20 year old Delhi university student Gurmehar Kaur controversy ,who launched an online campaign against ABVP ( bjp’s students wing) against the violence which was going on in the university campus , her video message become hot cake for every political party and their leaders.
    Bjp saying Gurmehar Kaur is misguided by the wrong people on the contrary some political party supporting her .

    What is the controversy:
    Gurmehar shoot a video and in this video she said her father was not killed by Pakistan he died in the war .This massage shocked the entire nation and poltics bagan nationwide ABVP agitated against her .On Thursday Mumbai Ncp youth wing came in support of Gurmehar and protest against the ABVP and it’s stand on this controversy. Mumbai minority chief Suhail subedar along with Asif Faruk (vice president Minority) and other part leader attend this agitation and support to Gurmehar Kaur .



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