Home Western Mumbai: Road in name of Chief Justice H.K.Chainani successfully commemorated

Mumbai: Road in name of Chief Justice H.K.Chainani successfully commemorated

Mumbai: Road in name of Chief Justice H.K.Chainani successfully commemorated
File Picture of principal of R.D National College Dr. Neha Jagtiani while addressing speech.

Successful Commemoration of the Road-naming Ceremony honouring the Former Chief Justice H.K. Chainani

The Street-Naming ceremony honouring the legacy of the Former Chief Justice H.K. Chainani, an initiative by the HSNC Board co-ordinated by R.D. National College, Bandra (W), Mumbai was successfully commemorated on 4th March, 2021 at 4 pm at the HSNC Board’s Vidyasagar Principal Kundnani Campus.

Hon. H.K. Chainani who was born in 1904 in Sindh was selected as an IAS Officer in 1926 and appointed as Asst. Collector. He rose to the position of Puisne Judge of Bombay High Court and later appointed as the Chief Justice in 1958. During his tenure as Acting Governor on two separate occasions he opened the doors of the Raj Bhavan by arranging “At Home” for the very first time allowing the citizens to enjoy the sprawling grounds of Raj Bhavan- a tradition which is in practise till date. Chief Justice H.K. Chainani took up the task of addressing issues on education, human rights and left no stone unturned to make the community spiritually and metaphysically strong. To migrate to Mumbai and rebuild his life after partition and achieve such pinnacles of success speaks volumes about his courage, fortitude and conviction. He stands as an inspirational and visionary personage for social and political justice and a role model to generations of youth through his life and work. Therefore, in his exemplar remembrance, the 36th Road, TPS III, Bandra (West) in Ward No. 95-H/ West Ward shall be named as “Chief Justice Chainani Marg”.

The ceremony began with a welcome address by Dr. Neha Jagtiani, the Principal of R.D. National college, followed by an impactful speech by Mr. Kishu Mansukhani (President, HSNC Board), Dr Niranjan Hiranandani (Trustee, Provost HSNC University),. The Chief Guest of the ceremony, Mr. Asif Zakaria (Corporator, Mumbai Municipal Corporation) Smt. Swapna Mhatre, Corporate, BMC, Shri. Ashok Advani, Chairperson, Business India congratulated the HSNC Board and R.D. National College, for the initiative. The Guest of Honour, Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder and CEO, AquaKraft Projects Pvt. Ltd. And the Chairperson of National College’s Alumni Association, also appreciated this initiative. All the dignitaries were presented with eco-friendly hand wash tokens prepared by the students of National College under the guidance of Dr. Mona Kejriwal as a part of the institute’s Innovation Cell.

This was followed by unveiling of the portrait of Rishi Dayaram Gidumal in whose name the college constructs its golden legacy of educational excellence and nation building. The institute chose to undertake this unveiling by the hands of students, the most crucial stakeholders of any educational institution. The program concluded with all the dignitaries, members of the HSNC Board, and the principals and staff of the affiliated colleges paying their respects to the portrait of Rishi Dayaram Gidumal.

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