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Mumbai Seheri First Pictures : Today’s Seheri at Bheendi Bazaar with Nishat Sait, Mumbai



When *Ramadan* the Holy month starts in Mumbai, Mohammad Ali Road transforms into a Mad sea of shops and stalls that offer wide range of food items that suits every budget. If you are somewhere in South Mumbai, and desperately hungry for some great Islamic cuisine then Mohammad Ali Road is perfect during Ramadan. You will find some great food near the Minara Masjid that pulls huge crowd. You can find tons of food items like chicken tikkas, shawarmas, and tandoori chicken here. Enjoy the *Nalli Nihari* at *Chinese N Grill* that opens only after 8:30 in the evening.

And if you have sweet tooth, then you will enjoy some Sitaphal Halwa adn Phirni at Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala.

*Surti Bara Handi*
This is one place that you must visit during the holy month of Ramadan. The special *Barah Handi’s* paya is a dish that will delight to taste your buds. The name was coined by their concept of making different food items in 12 different Handis (pots).

*Bheendi Bazaar* comes to life during the evenings of Ramadan month and it is here that you can find some great food stalls that can fill you up with some delicious cuisine. If you are in Bohri Mohalla look out for India Hotel that offers amazing tawa gurda (chopped kidney sautéed with masala) and Pakistani style chicken roll. Haji Tikkas should be your next destination for some khiri kebabs, kofta kebabs and Delhi Pulao. A better way to end this culinary journey is to enjoy Taj Ice Cream that offer fresh fruit ice creams and have been serving the people for more than 120 years now.Also Malpuas are a big hit on the streets along with Sandal again a hit dish among the Mumbaikers.

*Noor Mohammadi* is an absolute delight for meat lovers. The most popular dish here is *Sanju Baba chicken*, named after the Bollywood actor *Sanjay Dutt(, who has been their regular customer.

*Mumbai the City of Dreams*
Should be visited during Ramdhaan for its Food ,Deserts ;Hospitality and Glamour.

News Report by
Mrs Nishat Sait
Lifestyle & Event Management Editor; India


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