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Mumbai: Thane Mayor Mr. Naresh Mhaske Demands More Medical Help From Government. Exclusivew Interview with ‘Ashmita Chhabria ‘

Mumbai: Thane Mayor Mr. Naresh Mhaske Demands More Medical Help From Government. Exclusivew Interview with ‘Ashmita Chhabria ‘
File picture of Thane Mayor Naresh Mhaske.
File picture of Thane Mayor Naresh  Ganpat Mhaske.

News report by Ashmita Chhabria: 

Mumbai: Mayor Mr. Naresh Ganpat  Mhaske Demands More Medical Help From Government.

Mumbai: COVID-19 is spreading globally. It is now a necessity to take all the precautious measures. Corona Virus is named by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “COVID-19” on 11th February, 2020.  World Health Organization declared a GLOBAL EMERGENCY on 30 January, 2020. Which states that how dangerous is this pandemic. This Pandemic has affected more than 200 countries, economy of the whole world and definitely Human Race all around the world. At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments.

The Government is taking all the initiatives which are beneficial for the citizens. Government has set some rules and regulations to be abided by the citizens. Regarding the current situation, Hello Mumbai News Team took a telephonic interview of Shiv Sena Politician, Thane Municipal Corporation’s Mayor Mr. Naresh Mhaske. He shared his opinion and quoted, “We have done a lot for people at this difficult time. It is our duty to give relief to people by solving all the issues faced by them. At this time many were facing problems like no availability of food or may be due to lockdown they didn’t had any source of income. So they couldn’t afford food. So for these people, we took charge and daily donated food, groceries, and essentials. All the workers who were unable to afford food, because they earned on per day basis were provided food from our end. People are facing a lot of issues due to this pandemic. We have held many medical camps for check-ups of people. We have taken all the precautions. We are hospitalizing the ones tested positive as soon as possible.”

Further he shared that they made passes for labourers and provided them medical certificate so that if they are fit enough they can travel back home if they are willing to. He is also demanding medical help from government. He quoted, “We require more of doctors, nurses, and the whole paramedical staff units and good medical equipment for treatment of people so that hospitals can run more efficiently and cure people. We need more of medical help.”

He is satisfied with the performance of government. He says, that government is doing well. All the measures which are necessary for the safety of country’s citizens are taken by the government. They have made certain rules which are beneficial for citizens but these citizens aren’t following the laws made for their safety and good health. People are not maintaining discipline during lockdown. After uplifting the lockdown people should follow the laws amended by government to BREAK THE CHAIN OF CORONA. Government is uplifting lockdown only on people’s demand. Lockdown will be relaxed, but if people will not follow the rules and regulations then we all will be again under lockdown state.

When he was questioned about migrant workers leave will be affecting economy he replied ,to start industries workers will be required. They play a major role in all the sectors. If workers aren’t back or will not be working industrial sectors will face a big problem. So this will definitely lead to loss to economy or economy will be impacted greatly. World’s economy is being affected a lot due to COVID-19.

He shared his message for people by quoting, “Only if it is necessary, step out or else please stay indoors. While stepping out please maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE AND WEAR MASKS. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THE RULES. Please do not gather and crowd up at public places. Please help government by following discipline when outside. Take all the precautions.”

So this is how Mayor demands more of medical help from government. He is also appealing people to maintain social distance and stay disciplined. At this crisis time each step taken is for betterment of our health.


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