Mumbai youth congress Leader Fahim Ibrahim Shaikh organises function to pay tribute to the brave Martyrs of 26/11 Terrorist Attack, At Arun Bazaar Santacruz


Obviously, 26 November is scripted as BLACK DAY in the History of Mumbai. Who can forget this most gruesome and bloody day when pak sponsered terrorists attack our soul. We lost precious innocent souls that counts security personel and civiliians.

social activist faizulla shaikh with other team members

Every Year Mumbaikars observe this day and pay homage to the Martyrs who laid down their precious lives in this dastardly attack to save Mumbai and Mumbaikars.

To Mark this Day, Santacruz’s Famous Aroon Bazaar Hawker Association organised a function to offer tribute to the
brave Martyrs .

The function saw the presence of Senior Congress leader Ibrahim Bhaijaan , Dnyaneshwar  Ganore , Senior Police Inspector, Santacruz Police Station alongside other local businessmen who all attended this function as a guest and paid tributes to the Soul of the Marytrs.

ibrahim bhaijaan with youth congress team

Speaking with Hello Mumbai News, Senior Congress leader  Ibrahim Bhaijaan ( vice chairman MPCC And Ex- president Maharashtra Haj committee and present member of central Haj committee )said ,” I am attending this function  as chief guest since last 12 years and it is a matter of pride that the Hawkers of Aroon Bazaar and Santacruz Station Road organised it with a good motive to remind the sacrifice of our Martyrs. The message aptly proves it was with an intent to promote and inculcate the Spirit of Patrotism and Secularism of our Country. I appreciates fahim shaikh youth congress team they organised such a wonderfull programme for our 26/11 martyrs ”
I also appeal to all to stand united to counter terrorism and support and help our Police and Government.
We salute our Martyrs who and sacrificed their lives for the Nation and their families.

group pics of the function

who attended this function as a guest affirmed to Hello Mumbai News that “its a good initative taken by Aroon Bazaar Hawkers and I whole-heartedly appreciate them. This day, 26 November is very important for us and we shouldn’t forget the sacrifice of our Police ,NSG and other civilians who laid down their lives for the sake of our Nation. Such type of programme instills a spirit of patrotism and conveys a good message..
“Unite together and fight terrorism”

Senior police Inspector of Santacruz police station Dnyaneshwar  Ganore  paid tribute to 26/11 s

Social Activist Faizullah Shaikh, who was also part of this Aroon Bazaar function while expressing his views on this said that ” our motive is very clear to pay tribute to our Martyrs and spread awareness among the people to battle against terrorism.The programme was attended by many big personalities of Santacruz such as Mahendra Dediya, Bharat Gunjan, Bhavesh Savla, Vijay Abnave , ATC officer Mr.Mane from Santacruz Police Station, Firoz Rangwala, Yusuf Kaazi Ex – Supredent of Bombay High Court, Advocate Junaid, and Members Youth congress Team .
The entire function was organised by Fahim Shaikh youth Congress leader .

News Edit: K.V.Raman

News compiled by Riddhi Patil ,



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