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Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta Assured, Appointment Of Urdu Teachers Will Be Soon



The crisis of Urdu Teachers in city’s very old and reputed Education Institution, R.C Mahim and Imamwada D.Ed college seems to be solved very soon became Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta approved a proposal for appointment of teachers at these both education institutions.


Congress vice chairman of Minority Cell Mudassar Patel is a person who took up this issue and followed constantly along with Party MLA Amin Patel and Opposition Bmc leader Ravi Raja and got success.

Speaking with ‘HELLO MUMBAI’ Mr Mudassar Patel said, ” I visited RC Mahim school with social activist Mr Irfan, Anwar and Asif and we found there is no teachers in the school only students manage themselves ,the same problem we found at Imamwada D.Ed college also I was shocked to see this, immediately draft a letter to the Municipal Commissioner got appointment and explained the entire situation ,our Mc also took this issue seriously and Co ordinate with others Addl Mc Ramesh Pawar, Jarad and Milind Sawant Addl MC (education) and ordered to implement proposal for the appointment of the Teachers in both institutions. We are very much thankful to all them who supported us , Amin Patel, Ravi Raja and all Addl MCS who immediately took this issue and problem is solved ,” Said Mudasar Patel.
” For the last four months the Mahim school has had no principal while a teacher has been acting in charge principal at Imamwada D.Ed college , college has just two teachers including in charge principal for 87 students all of them girls, which is very sad , now my appeal to the eligible candidate should apply immediately so that vacant posts are filled as soon as possible, added Mudassar Patel.
Education officer Mr Mahesh parkar said ,It is good that MC approved this proposal.



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