Municipal elections, the Nationalist Congress Party came second – Nawab Malik


    BJP to power, misuse of money; Emaayaemaci alleged support ghetalyacahi
    Mumbai – July 29, 2016 to November:

    Municipal election results officially notified and Nationalist Congress Party icon on the 1 place has won 9 mayors. The 8 places in Satara, Mhaswad, Ashti, Karmala, Wadgaon, Amalner, Chopra, Mayor Raver have won through to the front. Both are amongst the top 27 places in the party mayor. And if the clock icon 684 councilors were elected to lead through the 166 councilors. Both the 850 councilors were elected to the Nationalist Congress Party chief of NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said at a press conference held today at the building. The press conference of women state citratai tiger, district spokesman Hemraj Shah, agreed on the occasion of Clyde Cristo, Sanjay shares were present.
    On the occasion, he said that the BJP leaders have power and money have to be earned profit Nawab Malik, riding on the shoulders of the party fanatic like MIM election abuse. Even though the BJP was elected mayor in this election, although most of the 2014 Assembly elections, the BJP has 42 percent of the votes in half of the decline in the growth of the Nationalist Congress vote percentage jhalyacehi Malik said.
    He said the second phase will be held on December 14, the Pune and Latur district. Ahmedpur in this place, Nilanga, Udgir,Latur district Nationalist Party is contesting elections independent Ausa icon, but this place Talegaon-Dabhade district of Pune, Sasvad, Shirur, Alandi is contesting the election through the lead. The Nationalist Congress Party will become the first party to the second phase of elections numbers, with confidence at Nawab Malik.







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